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Sunday, October 29, 2006

A trip to Crystal Lake, 2006

For you Friday the 13th fans, earlier this year I was granted access to Camp No-Be-Bos-Co in Blairstown, NJ where the original Friday the 13th was filmed by Sean S. Cunningham. I did an article for Metal Maniacs about the camp as a follow-up to my interview with Betsy Palmer I did prior to this adventure. Much of the camp remains intact as did in 1980, though a few buildings were either moved elsewhere or removed altogether. The building that had the rifles is gone altogether, and the bathrooms seen in the film has been converted into a regular bunkhouse, which the park ranger told me a trespasser mistook the new bathrooms to be the old one, broke into it like a vandal and posted online that the camp owners were ruining the place! Unbelievable. The camp still operates as a seasonal Boy Scout camp and the park ranger means business for all wanderers onto the camp. He's tight with the fuzz and doesn't hesitate to send trespassers to the pokey. But it's a beautiful place and maintains the creepy aura of the fictitious Camp Crystal Lake--in real-time known as Sand Pond. As a special treat for Halloween, I wanted to share a few of my pictures with you all...

Spot where Betsy Palmer and Adrienne King duel at the film's end Photo Copyright 2006 Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Former bathrooms in film, now Price Lodge, looking into Sand Pond aka Crystal Lake Photo Copyright 2006 Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Van Dusen Lodge, where most of the cabin interiors were filmed Photo Copyright 2006 Ray Van Horn, Jr.


OnMyWatch said...

neato! :)

I'd be a hard ass too if I were that ranger. Can you imagine the stupid crap people would want to do there? Not to mention, the psychos.

Metal Mark said...

Ray, you may remember all the mess they had in Burkittsville in 1999 after the Blair Witch Project came out. They had people stealing the signs with the name of the town and the town offices were bombarded with calls asking if the movie was real or not. The town hired extra security to patrol the town on Halloween that year because they were afraid people would do something. Some fans are just crazed.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yeah, Watch, that ranger was full of stories. He told me about a limo that drove onto the grounds (and it's a pretty narrow road) that almost drove off and tumbled towards the lake. The ranger scared the driver to save it, and the guy inside was none othe than Jason himself, Kane Hodder, who was visiting the camp to get into a proper mindframe for F13th 8.

Mark, I do remember all of that noise in Burkittsville. I deliberately waited until it all settled down before making the trip myself. There really is nothing there! You have to drive 10 miles back to the next town in order to pee! I should know! I think the loons who stole the signs ought to be ashamed of themselves, but pinheads are pinheads.

I can also say that miles before you get to the camp in Blairstown, there's no trespassing signs galore. I found numerous spots that Cunningham used to shoot as driving sequences, and so did a lot of fans, apparently. They mean business up there, trust me. I was given permission to come up, but you have to ask for it. Even the town of Blairstown seem intent on forgetting F13th was filmed there. I approached a number of people to talk about it, including someone who owned a store and her last name was Voorhees...