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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Repeat Revolutions Wednesday

Can it be Wednesday already? Wow. Welp, amazingly enough, despite a round of CD Shelf Cleanup, there were others on the repeat tip during the week. This time, I couldn't get Ric Ocasek's version of The Cars outta my player, namely their awesome debut album. That one's abundanza and it just never grows old. The promos are a-pilin' up on me and I'm going to just have to drop out for a month and listen to 'em straight if I'm ever going to get through them! The new Candlemass came this week, and yes, it's very good without the Messiah in the ranks. The Cursed album (finally) came, over a month after I interviewed Blitz of Overkill and Dan Lorenzo, formerly of Hades and Non Fiction, who are in this offshoot band that played just one and only gig in New York on May 20th. Supagroup is the hip album of the month for me; they rearrange a ton of Bon Scott era AC/DC riffs plus other eighties hard rock lines to create new songs and it's fucking awesome. Droid just earned itself a "hell yeah" from me as one of the loudest and toughest metalcore acts I've heard in ages. If they all sounded like this...well, never mind on that. They already do, but Droid is just brutal. I have Duane Denison of Tomahawk (and formerly Jesus Lizard) tonight, and the third album is just incredible. I'm trying to get something really special lined up for the weekend, so if it all pans out, I'll report back...

1. The Cars - The Cars
2. Supagroup - Roll In Smokin'
3. Droid - S/T
4. Devo - Freedom of Choice
5. Tomahawk - Anonymous
6. Warlock - True as Steel
7. Accept - Metal Heart
8. Iced Earth - Overture of the Wicked
9. The Cursed - Roomful of Sinners
10. Candlemass - King of the Grey Islands

Let's have 'em, chums...


bob_vinyl said...

Ride - Nowhere
Retro Grave EP
Paul McCartney - Ram and Flowers in the Dirt
Ry Cooder - Chavez Ravine
Perry Farrell's Satellite Party
Poison - Poison'd (for free on Rhapsody and only so I could stir the pot on the Bring Back Glam blog; avoid it, because it's as bad as you probably fear)
PEACE comp (old punk compilation)
The Wild Bunch (old metal comp)
Ded Engine (you remember that, don't you, Ray?)
Bad Brains - Spirit Electricity

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yes, I remember Ded Engine, wow!

How's that Perry Ferrell album?

I remember that Peace comp too...that's long as hell!

I don't recall Spirit Electricity; what is that? And you stirring the pot? Hogwash!

Mike said...

The Cars debut is still on my top ten favorite albums list. The records after it (Candy-O, Panorama, Shake it Up, etc) can't compare. The whole album is a greatest hits for them.

Metal Mark said...

The first three Motley Crue albums
Celtic Frost-Into the pandemonium
Sea Hags
Budgie-Never turn your back on a friend

bob_vinyl said...

Ray, I plan to review the new Perry Farrell on my blog at the end of this week or next week. I haven't gotten all the way through yet.

Spirit Electricity is a live 10" that came out in 1991, I think. It's got good stuff including a medley of "Day Tripper" and "She's a Rainbow."

I'm surprised you don't remember the Wild Bunch. It's that old ROIR/Hit Parader cassette-only thing. I recorded it onto CD. Some things still sound good and others don't.

countshockula said...

cephalic carnage-xenosapien
the best of sharpling and wurster-vol 4
Hayseed Dixie-weapons of grass destruction
Wire-on the box 79
Shellac-exellent italian greyhound

and for the record, nothing rules harder than the first cars album. well, maybe some things, but not much.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

instead of answering the question I have to share this vivid memory that came back to me when you mentioned the cars...It was 198? and a Monday, my first day at a new job, and my sister and I were driving up to LA to see the Cars play. I can transport myself back to her car, inside a tunnel, coming out with the sun hitting us in the eyes and the Cars blaring on the stereo. Good memory.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Lots of love for The Cars from everyone this week. Once they get under your skin, no doubt about it...I even did an album cover writeup of Candy-O at our Whole Lotta Album Covers blog. Great memory, Layla! Tunes you drive to and remember are always the best! I think The Cars S/T is one of those very few perfect rock albums, and imagine it's difficult for a greatest hits comp presenter to judge which to take, because it's all deserving.

Count, you get the diversity award of the week!

Bob, I can't believe Wild Bunch didn't click with me! I was obsessed to get that damned tape back in the day because of the endless advertising and remember being disappointed by some of it but digging the rest. Terrific memory, though! I must be getting old.

David Amulet said...

My car six:

Ratt, Dancing Undercover
Slayer, South of Heaven
Pantera, Coyboys from Hell
INXS, LIsten Like Thieves
Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic
Dream Theater, Octavarium (prep for new album, which I'll get today)

-- david

rock_of_ages said...

I've unsurprisingly got The Who : Then And Now jammed in the Car CD player at the moment.

Having said that I started listening through a batch of cds for review last night and got stuck on the first - Palace In Thunderland's Into The Maelstrom was so good I ended up playing that all night at work.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I'm always into Ratt, so good call there, David, and let me know what you think of the Dream Theater album. I just finished my article after interviewing Mike Portnoy and now I'm reviewing the album for Metal Maniacs on top of it. I've listened to this one more than the others because I think it's very rock-driven and much easier to jam to.

Rock, after your Who gig, I wouldn't be surprised in the least, brother! That's so very cool! Palace in Thunderland? Never heard of them. GBH's "Malice in Wonderland," which is a cool punk ditty, ya. I'll keep an eye out for Palace.