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Thursday, January 17, 2008

CD Review: Indian - Slights and Abuse / The Sycophant

Indian - Slights and Abuse / The Sycophant
2008 Seventh Rule Recordings
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Mark my words; Chicago's Indian is destined to become one of America's future cult legends. Theirs is the sound of brute ugliness in a barely controlled low-tuned chaos scheme that is punishing and impudent in one sense, elevated soulful in another. While technically considered a doom band, Indian contains within their disorderly metal strikes a possessed command of rapid, circling tempos and pinpointed note crunches. Additionally, they generate a subliminal ghostly reverie beneath the mathematic beat structures, hungry note bites and Dylan O'Toole's out of control yelping that's oddly reminiscent of Brian Johnson and Tom Kiefer. Shudder to think upon Cinderella going doom; we'd then have "Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Simpering On Its Knees and Begging For Death."

All punning aside, this disc collects two of Indian's vinyl releases Slights and Abuse and Sycophant, and at times Indian plays with the energy and bombast of Remission-era Mastodon (such as "Second Death" or "Cursed Reform" from Slights and Abuse) along with doom plods ala Electric Wizard ("Fatal Lack" from Slights and Abuse as a good example). The difference between both albums is slightly striking as the songs on The Sycophant are grounded with the same inspirations, but also with a slightly stripped feel and a concentration on repetitious menacing grooves as on "Pigs In Your Open Wound" and "Lust."

Sycophant is also more experimental with dabblings in electronic squibs and coldwave tweaks amidst the tonal crushes Indian expels, perhaps reminiscent of Botch and mid-term Isis. Be it the haunted key compositions of "Allotriophagy" or the Boris-like note stretches on the lumbering "Gloat," Sycophant is the more artistic of the two albums, while Slights and Abuse is the heavier and more driven album.

In either fashion which Indian chooses to create their loud and nearly holistic art, this will be a name to contend with, and not because they may or may not draw the ire of AIM. There's nothing sacrimonious or condescending about this Indian; if anything, they present a blaring and angry vehicle to give a metallic, protesting voice against the continued genocide of a race that rooted and cultivated these lands generations before the Anglo occupation.

Rating: ****


Wombat Booking said...

INDIAN are fuckin awesome. i got this cd thru Will of Wolves In The Throne Room (he's also part of Indian)at Roadburn 2009 and it simply rules!!

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