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Friday, January 25, 2008

CD Review: Loom - Angler

Loom - Angler
2007 Exigent Records, LLC
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Yellowcard might've kicked out a few fences by needling windswept fiddles into their mostly feelgood pop punk schisms, which allows another band with more abrasive and chaotic tendencies to take a crack at something far braver and more experimental, which is what Utah's Loom does to creative design with their five-song album Angler.

Whatever fences were left standing around Yellowcard's moo-happy pastures of spilled milk and honey, Loom breaks the rest of the enclosure down and sets the kindling afire by writing urgent and complicated tunes with a pointed affinity for At the Drive In, The Refused and Fall of Troy with a decidedly effective twist: some meloncholic violin swoons courtesy of Kim Pack that plays foil to the excitable pace of Loom's alterpunk mayhem.

It's quite a trip when Loom wants to run amok in their jazz-rock play fields, screaming frolic all the way on "Hourglass" and "Tracers" and they still write their songs shrewdly enough to allow Pack's note sways to run both parallel and in conflict to their bouncy tempos. On "Yell," the whole ensemble brilliantly challenges one another to keep in harmony through a risky succession of punk rhythms and offbeat Bowie-esque pop rock and the end result is truly satisfying.

Categorical only if you're that headstrong about fitting them into a snugly-fitting wedge (which is perhaps unethicial since this band defies subdivision), we could be forced to call Loom Chamber Fugue Math Punk if absolutely necessary. Perhaps what's best is to simply leave it be and appreciate what Loom has achieved with their highly inventive art still in development and then look forward to the pleasures yet to come...

Rating: ****


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