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Monday, January 21, 2008

In Memorium Wrapping On New Album

Photo by Chris Slack

Moribund Records announces, "Nihilist, vocalist of Northwestern dark metallers In Memorium, offers this update: “In Memorium is currently focusing on finishing the final act to their new opus for Moribund Cult titled Lost To Antiquity, tentatively due for release in Autumn 2008. The artwork is being created by the ever-detailed hands of Gentian, who created the layout for Caina’s Mourner. Select song titles include ‘One Above All,’ ‘Discipline,’ ‘O' Hail Glorious Death,’ ‘Omnivorous,’ and ‘Beneath The Endless Ocean.’ There will be guest vocals from various members of Northwest black/death metal acts as Drawn and Quartered, Scorched-Earth, Skeletor, Sol-Negro, and Grey as well as other freaks and fanatics that dwell underneath the dark skies of Seattle, Washington. To those that await a return to From Misery...Comes Darkness, be prepared to be annihilated by the brutality that In Memorium is prepared to unleash! A two-week U.S. tour is in the works, as well, for after the release of the new album. On the live front, the next In Memorium live assault will be opening for Rotting Christ, Immolation, Belphegor, and Averse Sefira on February 19th at El Corazon in Seattle.”

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