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Thursday, April 24, 2008

CD Review: Cursed - Three

Cursed - Three
2008 Goodfellow Records
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

You know the melody, so sing along if you feel so inclined:

"Don't you wish your 'core band was fierce like me? Don't you wish your 'core band could pierce like me?"

Remember that pinhead ghost chaser in Poltergeist that was tricked into thinking he was tearing his face apart into an oozing, sinewy mess? Picture yourself in that mode after listening to the new Cursed album Three. Seriously, no joke; the hardcore hellions from Canada are back once again and though the band has seen a major overhaul since 2005's blistering Two with only Christian McMaster (guitars) and the howling wolf himself Chris Colohan left in the flock, the new Cursed is slightly more jacked (if you're familiar with this group and can get your head around that prospect) and you'd better hold onto your skin.

As one of the angriest vocalists in metal and hardcore, Colohan swallows a few extra bitter pills in the studio to record the loud-as-fuck Three and when this album really turns on its jets, it'll be hard to sit still. Three is a carpe diem moment seizure of bloodthirsty screaming and bone-splitting aggression that continues to bewilder the listener into wondering if Cursed is a hardcore punk band at heart or a blaring agro tempest.

The elementary answer, Watson, is that Cursed exhibits both in boisterous strides. On scorching songs like "Into the Hive," "Magic Fingers" and "Hegel's Bastards," Cursed comes off like the downtuned hardcore band they've always emulated, but the kicker as usual is that Cursed is far more ferocious than your prototype one-trick-pony Agnostic Front wannabe. Striking some inhuman chords courtesy of Christian McMaster and Dan Dunham's gristly bass, Three is just plain sick, straight up.

Three crashes at breakneck speed on the aforementioned songs, plus "Dead Air at the Pulpit," "Antihero Resuscitator" and the grind-esque "Night Terrors," slowing down in a few increments such as the winding "Unnecessary Person" and the hilariously sarcastic swipe, "Friends in the Music Business."

With an escalated degree of truth, Cursed is hardcore analyzed and reinvented. There's nothing traditional about these guys, there's no plying for scene unity and assuredly Chris Colohan might consider taking a shit in your oatmeal before grabbing the mike and making it his bitch much in the way Casey Chaos does. In both cases, you have a vocalist with no fear and no inhibitions. Fortunately for Colohan, Cursed is up to the task to matching his blaring tirades and in turn Three is a monster album of resculpted hardcore that more fans ought to take note of instead of worrying about adopting to the pseudo unity of contemporary hardcore that has simply borrowed its shtick from Biohazard, Throwdown and Agnostic Front.

Suffice it to say, the punk and metal underground should have no excuse in not joining up with the Cursed brigade. Obviously not to be confused with the Dan Lorenzo (Hades) and Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (Overkill) side project The Cursed, this hardcore anathema will quite literally peel your face off and apart with each brutally contaminated cut.

Rating: ****


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