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Monday, April 07, 2008

Seeking Reader Input For Project

I'm starting the process of making a launch to finish the project I began a few years ago, namely my book on heavy metal. I've dallied long enough and let my life get so out-of-control and goal-oriented that it's time to give this project its due time and effort.

Part of my goal with the book was to give voice to as many people involved or interested in heavy metal, which includes the fans themselves, so I'm looking for people willing to share a testimonial or two to the following questions...

If you're inclined to share your thoughts, please contact me at The Metal Minute contact link and indicate whether you wish to be credited by name or anonymously. As always, you have my gratitude...


1. What does heavy metal mean to you and how do you feel it's made an impact on your life, for better or worse?

2. What is your most memorable metal moment (or minute, if you will, heh)

3. If there's one band you'd like to thank for their contributions to the scene and to your personal being, who is it and why?

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