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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 6/4/08

Not much to yap about this week, amigos y amigas... Life is double-timed as I pound out reviews, catch up articles, sling out the bills and most all, prepare to receive our little visitor for an indeterminate period. Barring any further red tape noise, I should have more to talk about the following week. Hope everyone's having a great one!

Music-wise, The Pretenders refuse to go away from my playlist; there's something pefectly comforting about them and well, not much else needs to be said about that, right? The new Bret Michaels solo album Rock My World came and it's better than expected, and then there's G.G. Elvis and The TCP Band, which is all punk covers of Elvis tunes and quite the riot, I assure you. While I've not had a ton of time to wrap myself around DVDs with the Stanley Cup winding down and little other time for television, I can tell you I've started doing some work for DVD and I have two reviews up of Mad Money and The Lather Effect. The latter film is a really fun Big Chill movie for Generation X and the message about letting nostalgia get the best of you is the film's biggest asset, much less charm.

And of course, let us not forget to observe a moment of silence for Bo Diddley...

Running late, cheers, everyone!

The Pretenders - The Singles
American Speedway - Ship of Fools
Puscifer - "V" is For Viagra: The Remixes
Filter - Anthems For the Damned
Bret Michaels - Rock My World
Mindless Self Indulgence - If
G.G. Elvis and The TCP Band - Back From the Dead: A Punk Elvis Tribute
The Mooney Suzuki - Live June 29, 2001 CBGB's: The Bowery Collection
The Toasters - Live June 28, 2002 CBGB's: The Bowery Collection
Sirhan Sirhan - Blood
Charlie Parker - Deja Vu Retro Gold Collection
The Pretty Things - Rage Before Beauty
Bo Diddley - His Best
Pharoah - Be Gone
Between the Buried and Me - Colors
X - Los Angeles
Sly and the Family Stone - Dance to the Music
KMFDM - Tohuvabahu


bob_vinyl said...

Grateful Dead - Europe '72
Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station
Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street
Grateful Dead - In the Dark
Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Man Raze - Surreal
Bret Michaels - Rock My World (why would I do that to myself?)
Beatles - Yellow Submarine (side 1 only, of course)

I also saw Control, the film about Joy Division's Ian Curtis. It was fantastic, but might make future Joy Division listening difficult. It was very sad.

Metal Mark said...

Man Raze-Surreal
Lots of Hanoi Rocks plus their Nottingham Tapes DVD
Leatherwolf-Street Ready and New World Order
Stick it out-s/t
Breaker-Get Tough

cjk_44 said...

1. Opeth – Watershed
2. Salt the Wound – Carnal Repercussions
3. Anathema – A Natural Disaster
4. Ozric Tentacles – Sunrise Festival (2007)
5. Ozric Tentacles – Waterfall Cities: The Hidden Step
6. Dominici – 03: A Trilogy – Part 3
7. Fish – 13th Star
8. Bo Diddley – His Best

kind of a weird week music-wise. listening was dominated by Opeth's latest and intriguing effort followed by some review obligations. sad to see another great like Bo Diddley leave this veil of tears.

Ian Aiken said...

I've been so busy that I forgot to even post last week.
I've been jamming a lot of the same stuff lately. I've also been working on the drums for my new songs.

1. OPETH - All......
2. IMMOLATION - Dawn of Possession, Shadows in the Light
3. RUSH - 2112
4. YES - Tales From Topographic Oceans, Relayer
5. INCANTATION - Decimate Christendom
6. VOIVOD - Killing Technology, Phobos, Katorz
7. PINK FLOYD - Meddle
8. OBITUARY - Xecutioners Return
9. BLACK SABBATH - All with Ozzy......
10. DEVIN TOWNSEND - Accelerated Evolution
11. FRANK ZAPPA - Joe's Garage, Waka/Jawaka
12. MESHUGGAH - All......
13. DARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends
14. KING CRIMSON - Three of a Perfect Pair, Larks Tongues in Aspic
15. EXHUMED - Anatomy is Destiny
16. VAN HALEN - Van Halen I & II
17. CARCASS - Symphonies of Sickness
18. KATAKLYSM - Prevail

David Amulet said...

You'd better introduce him to metal right away. You don't want to miss the chance to give him good influences early on.

My car's 6 this week:

1. Mastodon, Leviathan--I am loving this more than ever

2. Peter Gabriel, s/t ("Scratch')--subject of my most recent Whole Lotta Albums Covers post

3. Blue Murder, s/t (subject of my new post on my site)

4. Queen, s/t--not having listened to it in a long time, I'd forgotten how good (and how metal) some of the early Queen was

5. The Dining Rooms, Numero Deux--chill music

6. Spiral Architect, A Skeptic's Universe--I wish more groups were doing metal like this

DPTH International said...

Defiance - 3 cd boxset
October 31 - No Survivors
Jon Oliva' Pain - Global Warning
EversincevE - Fire Finds Beauty In Ashes
Atrophy & Hatchet
And Anvil's Metal on Metal

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

crap, I forgot to answer everyone last week as much as I didn't post yesterday since we have the baby and I got laid off from work thereafter and busting butt trying to find a new job, but...

BobV, I definitely want to see that Joy Division film, knowing it'll be bittersweet; side 1 of YS of course, lol...

Mark, nice lineup. I have that Hanoi Rocks DVD on deck to watch as soon as I find work...I think the only tube I've watched is SpongeBob, Dora and Diego for the baby and a couple episode of Beast Machines while I ate lunch

cjk, poignantly spoken...I'll catch up to the latest Opeth eventually

Ian, I give you a standing O for your playlist; that's massive, bro! Glad you're still working on the next project!

David, Leviathan is in my top 5 albums of the decade as well as those released in the metal revival, and I have a track from The Dining Rooms on the Six Feet Under (show) soundtrack and I love love love it...want to hear more.

Ian, how you digging the new Oliva? Is that the thrash metal band Atrophy you're talking about?

bob_vinyl said...

My review of Control went up today if you wanna check it out.