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Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Sister Sin

From Gothenburg, Sweden comes trad metal revivalists Sister Sin. Following their 2007 release Smash the Silence, Sister Sin is set to release their Victory Records (officially under the Victory Metal imprint) debut Switchblade Serenades on October 14th.

The sound is reminiscent of straight-up eighties metal with shades of early Motley Crue, Saxon, Armored Saint and Girlschool. Led by vocalist Liv, the Swedish quartet possesses a homespun take on vintage metal and hard rock. "Breaking New Ground" ironically stakes its position with the primary riff from the Crue's "Keep Your Eye On the Money," while "Make My Day" sounds like a head-on collision between Dr. Feelgood era Crue with Motorhead, of all things. Hell, while they're at it, Sister Sin pays tribute to the 'head in title with "On Parole," which actually takes on a Shout at the Devil-era drive with a Girlschool twist.


1 comment:

Metal Mark said...

I heard their "Smash the silence" EP it was like early Motley Crue with slight Accept-like undertones if that gives you an idea. I liked it well enough.