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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 8/20/08

Moving right along (to the tune of The Muppets' song, footloose and fancy free...) into another mid-week, and filled with the customary dread and anxiety known as human survival. Staying optimistic, however, with a possible side gig with a local paper coming up and a potential big interview on Friday, depending on time lock down.

Otherwise, massive consumption of music this past week, perhaps the biggest list o' discs I've posted here, and yeah, there's some meticulation beneath the rabid devouring of tunes, but that all unfolds in their proper places. A good bit of alternative rock mixed in with the metal and assorted goodies and oddballs. Amazing I was able to consume so much music considering I've been carpooling with a co-worker and of course there's the spud, but I've had a couple of breaks from him and needless to say, it was music cram session!

Having had my interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church last week, the most spun album consequently is the debut self-titled Church album, which is amazing anything got a second spin in the gorgefest of music I went after. An overdue moment of silence for Isaac Hayes, that baaaaaaad mutha... Hope you, JB and Curtis Mayfield are putting down some serious funk in the afterlife...

So anyway, have a go with this list and you know what to do from there...

Metal Church - s/t
Metal Church - This Present Wasteland
The Cure - Disintegration
Peter Murphy - Deep
Lush - Split
Lush - Spooky
Little Richard - Greatest Gold Hits
RTX - Got Live RTX
David Galas - The Cataclysm
Catastrophic - Pathology of Murder
Angtoria - God Has a Plan For Us All
Grayceon - s/t
Starofash - The Thread
Sourvein - Emerald Vulture
Catfight! - In Stereo
Tyr - Land
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Asva - What You Don't Know is Frontier
Queens of the Stone Age - R
Sugar Ray - Floored
Sugar Ray - 14:59
Uh Huh Her - Common Reaction
Norma Jean - The Anti-Mother
Girlschool - The Collection
Esprit du Clan - Chapter III: Corpus Delecti


Metal Mark said...

Iced Earth-Crucible of man
Blackberry SMoke-Bad luck ain't no crime and Honky Tonk Bootlegs
Cathedral-Canival Bizarre re-issue
Laaz Rockit-Left for dead
Steel Assassin-War of the eight saints
Big Elf-Cheat the gallows
Wild Machine-Demo

Mberenis said...

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bob_vinyl said...

Sharks & Sailors - Builds Brand New
Mad Tea Party - Found a Reason
Demolition String Band - Different Kinds of Love
Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
Petty Crux - All That Survived the Crash
Play - s/t
Flatfoot 56 - Jungle of the Midwest Sea
Jumpercable - EP
Stay Sharp - Four Songs
Girl in a Coma - Both Before I Die

cjk_44 said...

1. Fates Warning – Perfect Symmetry (reissue)
2. The Cult – Dreamtime
3. Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
4. Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost
5. Queensryche – The Warning (reissue)
6. maudlin of the well – My Fruit Psychobells, A Seed Combustible
7. Nebula – Atomic Ritual
8. The Kinks – State of Confusion
9. S.O.D. – Bigger Than the Devil
10. Jeff Lorber – The Definitive Collection

David Amulet said...

Nice list this week, Roy. I've said it before, I'll say it again--in my opinion, QOTSA's Rated R remains their best work, which is saying a lot.

My six upon my return this week:

Rush, Moving Pictures
Rush, Snakes & Arrows
Cinderella, Long Cold Winter
Peter Gabriel, the first s/t ("car")
Guns 'n Roses, Appetite for Destruction
Dream Theater, Octavarium

David Amulet said...

Ray, not Roy. I guess I see you as The King of Metal Writing.

Ian Aiken said...

1. S.Y.L - Alien, City
2. BLACK SABBATH - Vol. 4, Paranoid
3. FRANK ZAPPA - Joe's Garage
4. KATAKLYSM - Prevail, Shadows and Dust
5. DEATH - Human
6. VORE - Maleficus
8. YES - Relayer
9. TORI AMOS - Scarlet's Walk

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, can't wait to listen to the new Iced Earth. I have both of the Chingalera albums and need to get busy. Still need to get Laaz and Big Elf.

BobV, glad to see you; you were missed!

cjk, your diversity is becoming cooler by the week

David, the fact anyone at all reads this page gives me the edification to keep it running; a compliment like that puts me at a loss; QOTSA is just on fire, no doubt about it; I can remember back in the trashing Long Cold Winter but now I prefer that and Heartbreak Station to Night Songs...weird how that is

Ian, always happy to see Tori peek in your always extreme list; I notice a lot of headbangers are into her; in fact, a headbanger in a record store turned me on to Into the Pink ages ago; been a love affair ever since

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