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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 8/6/08

Hidey ho, neighbors. In a flash, in a dash, got no cash, someone gimme a splash...of anything to keep my ass moving, it's freakin' Wednesday already, wowzers...

So it's mainly the usual stuff to report with the main highlight being my interview with Alice Cooper for Hails & Horns magazine this past Sunday. The man is a riot on top of it a real nice guy. Beware the Twizzler people...

Naturally the week was filled with a lot of Alice, but there was plenty of other poking around music-wise, as I got the little spud acclimated with some Floyd and yesterday we tripped over a song he really loves, as I tested it a few times on repeat plays and he cooed, hollered and got busy in the car seat to Snow Patrol's thumping and airy "Chocolate" from their Final Straw album. Too cute... Last Saturday I got the spud in the basement to watch the old Alan Freed movie Rock Rock Rock and he just loved getting down to some 50's rock 'n roll as well as some Count Basie on the DVD extras featuring a jazz and rock 'n roll revue. Seriously, the kid has no choice with me around; last night I introduced him to the bongos...he's a natural!

Anywho, I spun the new Metal Church album this morning; much better than the last go round. Plus, I've been jamming to the new Zebrahead album as well, so let's consider that this week's top pick, eh? You know the drill, friends...

Zebrahead - Phoenix
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Metal Church - This Present Wasteland
The Pixies - Bossanova
Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider
Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist and Yell
Alice Cooper - Constrictor
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
Alice Cooper - Dragontown
Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits
Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper
Motorhead - Motorized
Nachtmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1
Equilibrium - Sagas
Blessed By a Broken Heart - Pedal to the Metal
Carnifex - The Diseased and the Poisoned


cjk_44 said...

1. Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom
2. Mouth of the Architect – The Ties That Blind
3. Black Mountain – Into the Future
4. The Pineapple Thief – Tightly Unwound
5. Krisiun – Ageless Venomous
6. U2 – Boy, October, War
7. Sonic Youth – A Thousand Leaves
8. Buddy Guy – Skin Deep

Tracks via YouTube:

The Gates of Slumber – “Riders of Doom” (live)
Architects – “Always” (official promo)
Shaped by Fate – “They Told Me You Were Dead” (official promo)
Gamma Ray – “Into the Storm” (official promo)
Aborted – “Meticulous Invagination” (official promo)
Extreme – “Comfortably Dumb” (live)

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

very nice, bro, terrific mix-up...big turnout today I see, lol...

cjk_44 said...

big turnout for sure - i was ready to preface my list with "am i really the first?" but decided not to.

i gotta keep things mixed-up and interesting for myself or i start to lose the dynamics inherent in any particular style.

Ian Aiken said...

I just got off of work so I'm a little late posting.

1. S.Y.L./DEVIN TOWNSEND - Alien/Synchestra
2. MISFITS - Legacy of Brutality
3. COMECON - Converging Conspiracies
4. MORBID ANGEL - Heretic
5. FOO FIGHTERS - There is Nothing Left to Lose

JP said...

Sahg II
The Lord Weird Slough Feg: s/t
The Robert Fripp String Quartet: The Bridge Between
Toadliquor: The Hortator's Lament
Shostakovich String Quartets
Extreme: Saudades De Rock
Up-Tight: Early years
Acid King III
Capricorns: River, Bear Your Bones
Dave La Rue: hub CIty Kid
Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones: The Sporting Life

Metal Mark said...

The Dead End Kidz-Unfinished Business
Artillery-Fear of tommorrow re-issue
Defiance-Product of society re-issue
Bigelf-Cheating the gallows
Danger-First Touch
Leatherwolf-Street ready

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

cjk, I couldn't state it better; no matter how much I love metal and punk, I absolutely must listen to other things or my passion dwindles from overload and even a jaded pessimism

jp, holy hell, good to see you, bro! eclectic mix!

Ian, you have weird hours, don'tcha, or is it just the time zone difference? Good ol' Legacy!

Mark with the classic Leatherwolf, nice! I need to dig up the Sleep (and get some REAL sleep, while we're at it)