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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ray Plays a Zombie in the Horror Film Bane

Cue up The Misfits' "I Walked With a Zombie..." This weekend I played a zombie in the upcoming horror film Bane. Check another item off of my list of must-accomplishes; I've always wanted to stalk in a film and it was certainly worth the wait. Made some new friends, chatted up with a fellow writer and a librarian doubling as a zombie cast wrangler. The kids thought nothing of us "adults" and younger folk parading around as the undead. In fact, one of them was playing The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack on a toy CD player as we got made up. Puts you into the mood, actually, though I was booming some Neuraxis on the drive in.

Hopefully a lot of the scenes they filmed make the final print, especially one where I shamble off and randomly try to break a brick against the wall. They said do what a zombie would do, lol... Got muddy, dirty, ripped up and pretty bloody, and then the gnats ate us up later in the day. At first the count on the shoot was zombies 20 humans 0, but eventually that became skewed in favor of the gnats. One scene we did was us gnawing on a character bound in a rolling chair, which we did three takes of. During the second take, the chair snapped and we had to push and prop the guy up before he tumbled to the floor. That would undoubtedly be one for the gag reel.

A great experience for sure...

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