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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 9/17/08

Hi ho, all...

Don't know my foot from my wrist these days there's so much going on and my mornings are non-existent and about to get worse. Love it. The choices we make.

On the other hand, can't complain wholeheartedly since I got to do that zombie film on Saturday and I got wind of another casting call for a reshoot on a different movie, so I'm considering doing the midnight run to participate in that.

At least in the day job we got relocated to new space in the building, which gives me freedom to spin tunes while working, which is what I need to cope on the day job. The silence before was turning me suicidal.

That being said, Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan's Scars On Broadway project is the big repeat winner of the week. Only a little departure from System of a Down, but still showing the core mentality of it. Still, it bounces like a bitch and if you're into System, this one will be no problem getting into. Also got sent the new Hank III album, Devil's Slingshot featuring Tony Macalpine, Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donail and many others including Science Faxtion, which includes Buckethead, Chuck D and Bootsy Collins, amongst others. Weird, but pretty cool. Thrown your horns in the air, or is it the Funkadelic sign? You be the judge...

Scars On Broadway - s/t
Science Faxtion - Living On Another Frequency
Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh
Trapt - Only Through the Pain
Government Issue - Complete History
The Jam - Compact Snap
LL Cool J - Walking Like a Panther
Motorhead - Iron Fist
Living Colour - Vivid
The Haunted - Versus
Hank III - Damn Right Rebel Proud
Neuraxis - The Thin Line Between
Devil's Slingshot - Clinophobia


Metal Mark said...

Wrench in the works-Lost art of heaping coal
Todd Rundgren-Arena
Switchblade Suicide-s/t
Metallica-Death Magnetic
Overcast-Reborn to kill again
D.O.A-Northern Avenger
Witch-The hex is on
Damaged Dolls-demo
Hanoi Rocks-Back to mystery city

cjk_44 said...

this week was pretty much dominated by Metallica and Iced Earth. managed to get a few others in.

1. Metallica – Death Magnetic
2. Iced Earth – The Crucible of Man
3. Shadows Fall – Fallout from the War
4. Moonsorrow – V: Havitetty
5. Disfear – Misanthropic Generation
6. Dokken – Tooth and Nail
7. Chris Duarte Group – Vantage Point
8. Cave In – Tides of Tomorrow

ray, is Devil's Slingshot much like Planet X (also with MacAlpine and Donati at some point)?

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

thanks for popping in today, fellas... Mark, your site is really picking up momentum

cjk, yeah, but I think the Devil's Slingshot is a bit more mellow and laidback, still very technical, though

Ian Aiken said...

1. KING CRIMSON - Red, Three Of A Perfect Pair
3. BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid
4. MOTORHEAD - Another Perfect Day
5. MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa
6. SLAYER - Reign In Blood
7. STEVE HOWE - The Steve Howe Album
8. OPETH - Watershed
9. BLOODBATH - The Fathomless Mastery

David Amulet said...

I heard Trapt in concert a couple of months back. Not too impressive, but not horrible.

Had a long road trip, so a few of my car rotations were various CDs of the audio book of Thomas Friedman's "Hot, Flat, and Crowded." Also:

Iron Maiden, Killers
Dream Theater, Systematic Chaos
INXS, Elegantly Wasted
Anthrax, Persistence of Time

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

David, at least you had some good music to balance it out. Trapt are alright; not wholly my bag, but the label sent it to me and I gave it a couple spins. Enjoyable enough for mainstream rock, I reckon.

Ian, awesome set list as always for you. I'm not sure Bloodbath arrived here yet, but I got tons of correspondence from their press wrangler so I'm excited to hear it. Still gotta get a copy of the new Opeth...shame on me