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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 10/8/08

Hidey ho, people! Happy midweek or happy midwife if you're in such a situation...

More of the same train wreckage as before, but let's not dwell on that since all it does it create negative energy and disrupt my personal harmony. On the positive side, I had a hilarious interview with Exodus' Gary Holt last week for Metal Maniacs and I'm happy how that piece reads. Dude is consistently witty from the last time we spoke.

I was recently invited by Chad Bower of to pick up some review work for his heavy metal section on the world-traveled site. I'm rather honored to be selected as I've applied for various posts at the massive compendium site and now finally get to break in.

I have also been extended a couple other opportunities which I'll get into once those details are finalized. Obviously this only makes my life that much busier with the baby here and it's hard to constantly miss out on things when I have him on Saturdays (having to inadvertently pass on a get-together with an old high school friend this past week is a taste of parenthood's boundary lines, but hopefully resolution will be coming down the road). At least this coming Sunday we're going for a day trip to the ocean to hook up with my folks, and though I'm nervous about how the baby will do three hours each way, the ocean is one of my greatest soul healers. Considering I came home from the day job the other day with a screaming headache and a baby hangover from the previous weekend, this little day tripper is hopefully going to feel oh so very good...

Musically-speaking, I've been spinning Southern Culture On the Skids like there's no tomorrow, while trying to worm promo reviews into my jacked schedule. The new Enslaved just arrived, so I'm stoked for that one. Ever since I started writing for DVD, a lot more of those are sliding into my mailbox, so my dungeon will be resembling a video store very soon on top of the 3600+ CDs down there. I have a shower and bath, fridge and foldout bed down there too...who says I have to leave? Trust me, there's times I could stay in that cave and refuse to come out.

Southern Culture On the Skids - Dirt Track Date
Tesla - Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Exodus - Let There Be Blood
Brother Von Doom - Relentless
Wednesday 13 - Fang Bang
Wednesday 13 - Transylvania 90210
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys - The Mix Up
All That Remains - Overcome
Bison - Quiet Earth
Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
Britny Fox - s/t
New York Dolls - s/t
The Saint soundtrack
Joetown - Pills and Ammo
Sahara Hotnights - Kiss & Tell
New Order - Republic
New Order - Get Ready
Girlschool - Legacy


Metal Mark said...

Detente-History 1
Armored Assassin-Damaged Youth
Suspyre-When time fades
Zebulon Pike-Intransience
Crimson Orchid-A chosen path
Rose Tattoo-Blood Brothers
Cowboy Prostitutes-Swingin' at the fences
Fireball Ministry-The Great Awakening

Ian Aiken said...

1. METALLICA - Death Magnetic
2. CRIMINAL - Dead Soul
3. GOBLIN - Deep Red and Suspiria soundtracks
4. RUSH - Presto
5. BOLT THROWER - Warmaster, Those Once Loyal
6. GORGUTS - Obscura

I have to be the first to admit that I thought METALLICA was done for a LONG time ago. This new album rules though. This is the type of album that I expected to come out after And Justice for All. I think the two most important things that made this album so are the fact that they got Rick Rubin to produce it, I mean let's face it, the same guy produced Reign In Blood. Also I think that having Jason Newstead talking slack about them after he left probably pissed them off too.
This is where METALLICA sould be at at this point in their career.

cjk_44 said...

Kudos to you Ray. Positive energy breeds positive energy.

1. Coldworker – Rotting Paradise
2. Swallow the Sun – Hope
3. Vader – De Profundis, Future of the Past
4. Tool – Salival
5. Entombed – Uprising
6. Joe Satriani – Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock
7. Firewind – Allegiance
8. Earth – The Bees Made Honey …
9. The Wildhearts – Riff After Riff
10. Pink Floyd – The Delicate Sound of Thunder
11. King’s X – Dogman
12. Saxon – Metalhead

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, I like how deeply you've gotten into today's scene. You've come miles since the revival started and the conversations we had then.

Ian, I still have yet to hear DM, but will eventually, I guess. Goblin, sweeeeet!

cjk, thanks, I fight feelings of entrapment and defeat on a daily basis, but I also try to focus my energies in a more upbeat manner when I'm not half dead, lol... good things are happening, everything else just needs to either be restructured or eliminated

David Amulet said...

Glad to hear that new opportunities are popping up. And that you are keeping your head and attitude up. Keep me posted.

Back home and back driving around this week. Here's what's spinning:

Still Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat, and Crowded
Judas Priest, Stained Class
King Crimson, In the Wake of Poseidon
Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms
Motorhead, Ace of Spades

By the way, I saw an ad while watching the news this morning that surprised the hell out of me. Toyota is selling it's 0% financing with The Fixx's "Saved by Zero." Actually, it's a studio-singer, nothing-like-the-song version.

You'll vomit if you see the ad.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yes, I've seen the ad, David, and it is indeed horrible, however, I first saw it during the Steelers/Jags game, and they played it three commercial breaks in a row. Since that's the title of my book, I took that as a sort of omen that it would be played those successive times, as if giving me that extra push or at least an indication that I need to give that project a heftier effort