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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 2/4/09

Not going to blab too much this week as I'm still feeling some melancholy about Metal Maniacs, my co-worker who was let go and other bits of things. But hey, those Steelers pulled out a miracle against a very deserving Arizona Cardinals who put up an amazing show in the 2nd half. Yay, Steelers! That Fitzgerald, though, wow, the man's something special...

Had an interview with Trevor Phipps of Unearth last week and I should be getting both Wayne Static and Dee Snider this week, so I'm starting to squeeze just a little bit of my life back into play, even though little man keeps me busier than a porcupine in a nudist colony, as Foghorn Leghorn would say.

Thus it's been a heavy dose of the entire Static-X studio catalog this week including the new one Cult of Static, but also massive shots of Thin Lizzy as well. The baby seems to really dig "Jailbreak," good boy...

Thin Lizzy - The Ultimate Collection
Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip
Static-X - Machine
Static-X - Shadow Zone
Static-X - Start a War
Static-X - Cannibal
Static-X - Cult of Static
Nashville Pussy - From Hell to Texas
Narcosis - Discography 1998-2007 Best Served Cold
Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady
Growing - His Return
Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration
Jim Croce - The 50th Anniversary Collection
Guns n' Roses - Chinese Democracy
Pat Benetar - Best Shots
Steel Pulse - Smash Hits
Cro Mags - The Age of Quarrel
Grave Digger - Ballads of a Hangman
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Zombi - Spirit Animal


Metal Mark said...

Scale the summit-Carving desert canyons
The Rock United-Baptized in oil
The Assassinations-Future Blasts from the past
1977-Rock 'n Roll
Iron Maiden-Powerslave and Piece of mind

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Did you like STS alright? Can't go wrong with those two Maidens, period

cjk_44 said...

1. Chaosbreed – Unleashed Carnage
2. Enslaved – Ruun
3. Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling
4. Garden of Shadows – Oracle Moon
5. Dark Tranquillity – Damage Done
6. The Hellacopters – Grande Rock
7. Buddy Guy – Breaking Out (2008 reissue/remix)
8. Chris Duarte Group – Blue Velocity

This week’s reading list: “What Have You Changed Your Mind About?: Today’s Leading Minds Rethink Everything” – much of this book flies over my head (i.e. quantum physics, evolutionary biology, randomness, etc. but I must admit it is refreshing to read about leading scientists, philosophers, etc. admit they’ve changed their beliefs about certain primary elements of their profession)

Watching: “The Illusionist”, 2004 World Series

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I think true evolution comes through constant re-evaluation of one's thought. There's room to grow and to enlighten yourself to other possibilities. Why else would life be worth living? If one is willing to surrender to stagnance, I suppose that's his or her prerogative, but thinking people from Malcolm X to Albert Einstein are great for their willingness to re-examine themselves and their core ideologies in order to grow deeper as human beings