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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ray's Reviews and Interviews Elsewhere...

Greetings, faithful readers, I have a generous smackerel of writings to check out at some of my other outlets: Horror, DVD and Heavy Metal.

At Horror I have a review of the nutty Japanese undead romp, Tokyo Zombie, which you can access in their Asian Shock section.

Also be on the lookout there for my interviews with Stevan Mena, director of the horror spoof Brutal Massacre as well as His Name Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th producer Anthony Masi.

At DVD, I have recent reviews of Metalocalypse: Season 2 as well His Name Was Jason, Tripping the Rift Season 3, Traitor and Living Colour: New Morning: The Paris Concert

Metalocalypse review: Metalocalypse Season 2

His Name Was Jason review: His Name Was Jason

Living Colour review: Living Colour

Tripping the Rift review: Tripping the Rift Season 3

Traitor review: Traitor

At Heavy Metal I have a slew of reviews of current releases from Static-X, Mantic Ritual, Revolting Cocks, Nashville Pussy, Ephel Duath, Psyopus, The Amenta, The Eyes of a Traitor, Zombi, Scale the Summit, Iron Fire and Dimension Zero

Static-X review: Static-X

Mantic Ritual review: Mantic Ritual

Revolting Cocks review: Revolting Cocks

Nashville Pussy review: Nashville Pussy

Ephel Duath review: Ephel Duath

Psyopus review: Psyopus

The Amenta review: The Amenta

The Eyes of a Traitor review: The Eyes of a Traitor

Scale the Summit review: Scale the Summit

Zombi review: Zombi

Iron Fire review: Iron Fire

Dimension Zero review: Dimension Zero

I have a review of the new Billy Sheehan album Holy Cow! coming up at Dee Snider's House of Hair Online in the immediate future, so be on the lookout for that as well. As always, thank you for your continued patronage!

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