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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 6/17/09

Hello, ever-faithful, welcome to another midweek check-in at The Metal Minute!

A lot happening as usual with today being 14 years married to the same chick, wowzers. Amazing when you watch the tally count mass on annual basis and she's still there for you. '95 truly seems like yesterday, I have no qualms saying it and I wish I could be there again at that delicate point in time when everything seemed so idealistic and happ. Life is good with my woman, don't get me wrong, but I wish I could whisper a few bits of advice to myself at age 25 which would've served me better later on. Oh well, that's how life is, constantly moving on a learning curve. Glad I have someone sharing the ride with me.

Began my new position in another title company where the vibe is the complete opposite of what I left behind. Quiet, peaceful, mild bits of stress in learning an old program, but I have a small, friendly crew to work with and I'm stunned by the overall quietude with which to think. Sad to leave my friends behind from the old job, but choices must be made at critical points in life and this one is deadly crucial. The next life chapter has opened...

Yours truly got to work on a film crew over the weekend for short piece called "Work Sucks." Great cast and crew to learn things from as I did PA, mic boom and was even given a chance to shoot a couple scenes. This is definitely a direction I see my life moving towards. Thanks to the SBS Productions gang for a memorable time on the set. Looking forward to another go.

Which leads in to The Mist and how blown away I was by it, particularly that ending, oh, Lord, what genius! I was told by an insider Stephen King himself would've gone in that direction had he thought of it back in the eighties. If you've not yet seen this one, consider it mandatory.

Spin-wise, I cannot get over Gonin-Ish. Had I not been striving to get some of these discs off the review pile, I could've settled on them the remainder of the week to this point. But I will have to note I spun the new UFO album a good deal before reviewing it for and of course I'm still stuck on the Talking Heads as well as The Cars. Then there's the new Darkest Hour album which recently came in for my next review at and it smokes as well.

Okee dokee, keeping my tidings short and blunt as the clock ticks the launch for another day. Thank you all as usual for supporting The Metal Minute!

Gonin-Ish - Naishikyo-Sekai
Talking Heads - Remain in Light
Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues
CKY - Carver City
Darkest Hour - The Eternal Return
UFO - The Visitor
Gulch - Uphill Both Ways
Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
Doro - Fear No Evil
Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson - United States
Tomahawk - Mit Gas
Isis - Wavering Radiant
The Cars - The Cars
The Cars - Candy O
Iced Earth - The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part 2


Metal Mark said...


MSG-Assault Attack
Spank-Get Bent
Vindicator/Metal Witch-Outbreak of metal vol.1
Metal Church-s/t
Witch-The hex is on
Iron Maiden-Piece of mind
Boxcutter-The Ill testament
Ratcliff Bailey-Deuce
Steve Vai-Anthology
Dark Castle-Spirited Migration


Flight 666
The entire series of The Land of the lost
Season one of the New Zoo Revue

DPTH International said...

Grave Digger - The Grave Digger ... onward ...
Anvil - This is thirteen/Forged ..
Candlemass - Tales of creation
Solitude Aeturnus- various albums
Tad Marose-Modus Vivendi
Memory Garden- all albums, except "Tides"
Green Jello - Cereal Killers & 333
Virgin Black-Sombre Romantic

The Klepto said...

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot
Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity
Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
Incubus - A Crow Left of The Murder
Incubus - Make Yourself
Incubus - Morning View
KoRn - Issues
Living Colour - Vivid
Oysterhead - The Grand Pecking Order

Ian Aiken said...

1. CELTIC FROST - Monotheist
2. PESTILENCE - Resurrection Macabre
3. YES - Relayer, Yessongs
4. OZZY - Speak of the Devil
5. SLAYER - Reign In Blood
6. VOIVOD - Dimension Hatross, Phobos
7. DARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends
8. KING CRIMSON - Larks Tongue in Aspic, Lizard.
9. OPETH - Blackwater Park

I'm about 98% done mixing, it's about damn time.

cjk_44 said...

congrats on the anniversary. i'm about a year behind on the count of years. marriage is good - it's just not smooth all the time, and that's OK. i'm grateful for my wife b/c she was the only woman that didn't want to change me.

Enslaved – Vertebrae
Volbeat – Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil
Diamond Head – Am I Evil?: The Diamond Head Anthology
Ohmphrey – s/t
The Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out
Steve Earle – Townes
U2 – Achtung Baby

This week’s reading list: “Until the End of the World” by Bill Flanagan

Watching: the new Star Trek movie, the “Night at the Museum” sequel

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, I cannot believe the New Zoo Revue (comin' right at you) is out on DVD!!!! I didn't think anyone else remembered the damn show, wow!!

Dpth, I still haven't gotten that latest Anvil album yet, amazing to say...loved the movie

Klepto, nice diversity, especially for LC...I hope to be spinning DT in the next couple days

Ian, you're the king of consistence and I'm pleased you're sticking with getting that album done, bro!

cjk, thanks, you're right; marriage is wonderful but it's also tough and never perfect; there's been some bad years amongst the good but we're getting to be survivors amidst the crap we've dealt with together and separate of each other so hopefully that translates into stronger future years

I want to see the new Trek and Terminator but we saw The Hangover last night which was freakin' hilarious

countshockula said...

Ray, the Cars always scream summer to me.
Even if it's a creepy summer (especially)

My list-
Future of the left-travels with myself and another
That's about it.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yeah, The Cars do scream summer but for me, I can and do listen to them frequently all year long. When they were on, they were ON.