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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 7/8/09

The Kiddo in a Union camp at Gettysburg

Hope the 4th of July was good for all of my American readers (and for everyone else I likewise wish each and every one of you well). Spent mine in the company of my family at our annual picnic as is tradition every 4th and I am proud they have brought our soon-to-be-adopted child into the inner circle.

So we come to that part of the week again where I try to pause, catch my breath, look back on what's been going on personally and with those around me and I'm just befuddled by all of the recent celebrity deaths which have come in alarming doses. The funeral for Michael Jackson has been nothing short of a circus but also a fitting remembrance to one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known.

On another maudlin note, Metal Church just announced their break-up, and I'm equally concerned for their record label which I've sent a query to their upper echelon for a hopeful good return of news. On the other hand, I received correspondence about Slayer's new album World Painted Blood from their press rep and it's bound to cause controversy as well as peel the skin right of out of the ear canals of their listeners. Can't wait for that one.

Been rather busy fixing up the yard and creating a pit for the kiddo's swingset which was donated to us and we'll now be working hard on getting it put together plus tackling the fearsome prospect of cleaning out the dreaded garage. The older you get, the harder it is to dedicate whole weekends to these projects, but the results are turning out nicely. If there's any way I want to grow up in this life, it's to make our property beautiful inside and out so that the child has a good place to live. Then again, I just picked up a couple seasons of Superfriends for ten bucks a pop, so he'll care about nothing but them once he gets a look at 'em. Already he's identifying Spiderman and Batman everywhere; little goof sounded out and pointed to Batman on the Superfriends box, so that makes myself, aka "Batjerk" very happy.

Listening-wise, heavy up on the new Devildriver and I'm way submerged in The Moody Blues. I spent most of the time I had available yesterday analyzing the new Mars Volta album and I'd jokingly stated on Facebook I was going to use that and a big cup of coffee to wake up since the Volta is some of the most caffeinated music out there. Octahedron, however, is more like a comforting carafe of decaf, hardly on the uppity side but still excellent and beautiful at times. I suppose Omar and Cedric (along with the Chili Peppers' John Frusciante and others) wanted to prove they could be just as effective and detailed at slow-to-mid-tempo. Takes some adjustment, but the Mars Volta continues to be as brilliant as ever.

Viewing-wise, wifey and I are plowing through Dallas Season 10 and I managed to review a couple of the music DVDs from my insane pile, Maiden's Flight 666 which you read about here at The Metal Minute and The Moody Blues' Isle of Wight 1970 concert, currently running at DVD I'm also managing to carve out a few minutes at will to read James Patterson's Double Cross; that guy's like a bullet with his snub-nosed chapters and he still manages to be entertaining where you feel like a baby having a toy yanked out of your hands when you have to stop. Hey, kiddo, what's your opinion on that, little buddy?

Despite my schedule and the fact I am diving back into writing my second novel, I'm going for broke itinery-wise so be on the lookout here at The Metal Minute in the upcoming weeks for reviews of Ex Deo, Killswitch Engage, Job For a Cowboy, Church of Misery, Suffocation, Celan, Bury Your Dead, Lord Mantis, Eluveitie, Devin Townsend Project, Vinnie Moore, Devil's Whorehouse, Axel Rudi Pell, Hypnose, Delain, Sunn O))), Khors, Elvenkind, Assaulter, Eagle Twin, Dark Castle, Alex Gilbert & Freddie Nelson, HOD and Leeches of Lore. Plus I am rather late with that Take 5 piece with Luna Mortis, aren't I? Indeed I am, but once I have that running for you folks, be ready for a special Take 5 guest The Metal Minute is proud to bring you, Phil Labonte of All That Remains...

As if that wasn't enough to get excited about, a possible Sunday Potpourri selection may manifest as well as an Album You Can't Live Without. Metal Mark is here to take you Somewhere in Time every Tuesday and a couple other writers answered the call for contributions, so expect to see a few guest pieces crop up in the near future.

Hotter than hell, refusing to be the Sam Krubish of our time, I am humbly yours at The Metal Minute...

Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Devildriver - Pray for Villains
Ted Nugent - Free For All
Dream Theater - Black Clouds and Silver Linings
The Moody Blues - Days of Future Past
The Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream
The Moody Blues - 20th Century Millennium Collection
Novembers Doom - Into Night's Requiem Eternal
Novembers Doom - The Novella Reservoir
Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure
The Mars Volta - Octahedron
Ex Deo - Romulus
Glittertind - Landkjenning
The Crimson Armada - Guardians
Psychostick - Sandwich
Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company - Live at Winterland '68


Metal Mark said...

Acid Drinkers-Vile Vicious Vision
Charm City Devils-Let's rock-n-roll
Spirits of the dead
Iron Maiden-Killers
Electric Wizard-s/t and Dopethrone
Admiral Browning-Magic Elixir
Meryful Fate-Don't break the oath

The Flash
Monster Squad
Welcome Back Kotter

Cook books and some graphic novels

Metal Mark said...

Oh, I used to like the Super Friends. Now I watch it and can't stand that Superman is such a bossy know it all. Also I hate the fact that it's really the Justice League and they changed the name to Super Friends because they thought justice implied violence. That mindset is also why they never really hit any villains. So instead they throw a bunch of tires around the bad guys to stop them. Whew, how powerful.

Ian Aiken said...

I'm on a DECEASED and VOIVOD kick......

1. DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction, Fearless Undead Machines, The Blueprints For Madness
2. VOIVOD - Killing Technology, Infini, Phobos
3. IMMOLATION - Hope and Horror
4. PINK FLOYD - Ummagumma
6. NAPALM DEATH - Order of the Leech
7. U2 - War, The Joshua Tree
8. MACABRE - Dahmer
9. GOJIRA - The Link

The Klepto said...

I'm listening to the entire Ronnie James Dio discography this month, so alot of Elf, Sabbath, and Rainbow. and my next weeks will be dominated by Dio's solo work.

Barenaked Ladies - Stunt
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
Chumbawamba - Tubthumper
Dio - Holy Diver
Dio - Last In Line
Dio - Sacred Heart
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (Disc 2)
Elf - Elf
Elf - Carolina County Ball
Elf - Trying To Burn The Sun
Firewind - Forged By Fire
Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know
Rainbow - Rainbow Rising
Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll

bob_vinyl said...

Living With Lions - Make Your Mark
Saint Bernadette - Word to the Lourdes
Love Battery - Nehru Jacket 10"
Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Collosus/Work Time
Leo Kottke - 6 and 12 String Guitar
Soundgarden - Flower 10"
Good Riddance - The Phenomenon of Craving 10"
A New Found Glory - From the Screen to Your Stereo 10"
Triple Fast Action - Broadcaster 3x10"
I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut 10"
The Ravyns - s/t 10"
Rocket from the Crypt - The State of Art Is on Fire 10"
Small Brown Bike and the Casket Lottery 10"
Liars - Fins to make Us More Fish-Like 10"
Tim Version - Floribraska 10"
Twelve Hour Turn - Bend Break Spill 10"
Cheap Trick - Found All the Parts 10"
Cheap Trick - One on One

cjk_44 said...

Animals as Leaders – s/t
Killswitch Engage – Killswitch Engage (2009)
Dragonlord – Rapture
Helloween – The Dark Ride
Iron Maiden – Powerslave, Dance of Death
Evergrey – The Inner Circle
Tool – Lateralus
Tool – “Triad” (live via YouTube)
Alice in Chains – “A Looking in View” (track via YouTube)
The Who – Tommy
Buddy Guy – Can’t Quit the Blues (box set)

All About The Music said...

Hey Ray, I've been listening a ton to the new Devildriver too - "Ressurection Blvd" is soooo good! Say, were you still looking for people to write on your site from time to time? Well, let me join all of these great lists:

((( Listening to )))
-Devildriver - Pray For Villians
-At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul
-Collective Soul - Rabbit (advance)
-Hypno5e - Des Deux L'une Est L'autre
-Withered - Folie Circulaire
-Meshuggah - Obzen
-This Ending - Dead Harvest
-Byzantine - Oblivion Beckons

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, your Superfriends spiel made me laugh. I showed an episode to the kiddo last night. He enjoyed it but only paid attention when Batman and Aquaman were on plus a few Superman moments and he was initially scared by the dragon then started laughing at it. It's definitely corny stuff and the voiceovers are horribly stiff, but when we were kids we ate that crap up like our Boo Berry cereal.

Ian, I still haven't heard Infini yet, shame on me, as much as Voivod is one my all-time favorites! Did you hear Gojira will be opening for Metallica this summer?

Klepto, are you working on a Dio project or just staying in theme for your listening pleasure?

Bob, suffice it to say, you're living up to your vinyl handle

cjk, always a pleasure looking at your diverse tastes...I haven't listened to that Dragonlord album in awhile, but I wonder if there'll ever be another one with Testament rising back to prominence. I'll bet even Eric Petersen is shocked it's going so well

AATM, yeah, I'm accepting submissions from guest writers; hit me up at the contact prompt on the main page....any pull for Byzantine is cool by me! That one gained an album of the year nod from me!

Metal Mark said...

Ray-The Superman, Aquaman and other DC Super Hero cartoons from the 1960's are way better than the Super Frieds. I can tell you that they have all of the above at your public library. I also own Aquaman if you want to borrow it from me.

The Klepto said...

I am working on a Dio project. check out my page and you'll see the beginnings of my Month of Dio. I'm over half-way done with his discography (12 of 20 - not including live albums) and am about half-way done with my articles. I'm posting them as I finish them

Ian Aiken said...

Yeah I just read that yesterday. That's a great break for them. I bet they'll blow a lot of Metallica fans minds.

cjk_44 said...

Ray, a friend of mine really spoke well of the Dragonlord disc when it came out. I resisted purchasing it b/c although I like Testament I've never been a huge fan - and I wasn't too thrilled with *American black metal* at the time. But I relented b/c my friend's recommendations are usually spot-on. Testament seem busy enough with their resurgence - I'd be happy if they left Dragonlord alone with the one disc.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, I have a couple of those Aquaman 60s shows taped in my archives, but I'd dig watching the DVD because they were quite good...ditto for the FF of the day, which was actually better than the 90s version

Klepto, a very worthy endeavor, amigo

Ian, I will continue to reserve judgment, but I am quite intrigued by Metallica's selections for openers lately, some true metal groups...hope to see that trend continue. If this wasn't the almighty Metallica we're talking about, Gojira could upstage the lineup

cjk, I'm fond of Agalloch and Wolves in the Throne Room for American black metal and that Dragonlord album was quite a way, I too wouldn't complain if it was left their lone output, but we'll see