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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 9/23/09

Alrightee, folks, let's see what chaos ensues this Wednesday, eh?

Usual chaos at home with wifey and I both recovering from injuries. Poor lass crashed down a flight of steps and twisted her ankle, then tripped on her crutches and bent my arm back when I caught her. Always sucks when you're parents to a little one and both busted up, but I'd say our determination has given us the juice to conquer this quickly, so on to the next round of shit!

Last night I enjoyed the pleasure of conversing with Tyler Mane, aka Michael Myers of Rob Zombie's current two Halloween flicks and other film credits such as X-Men, Punisher and Troy, not to mention he's a former WCW pro wrassler from the early nineties you might've remembered as Nitro.

So you take your pleasure with the pain as Paul Stanley does in "Room Service" and you keep movin' and groovin'. That being said, let's cut the chatter this week and sling out the playlists and see if we can all play nicely in the sandbox, k?

Whiplash - Unborn Again
Shrinebuilder - s/t
The Few Against Many - SOT
Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans
Halloween II (Rob Zombie) original soundtrack
Dag Nasty - Can I Say / Wig Out at Denkos
Dag Nasty - Field Day
Dag Nasty - Minority of One
Government Issue - You
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
Ride - Nowhere
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Joe Jackson - I'm the Man
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Sing Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious
Foreigner - Can't Slow Down
Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day
Demilitia - s/t


cjk_44 said...

Insomnium – Across the Dark
Porcupine Tree – The Incident (and the band’s catalogue)
King’s X – all
Shadows Fall – Retribution
Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic
Pearl Jam – The Fixer
Down – Over the Under
Dream Theater – Dark Clouds & Silver Linings
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
H.I.M. – Venus Doom
Soul Asylum – Let Your Dim Light Shine

Reading: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here to Stay: An Anthology” edited by William McKeen

Watching: Red Sox at Fenway Park South at Camden Yards

The Mule said...

YOB—The Great Cessation (will post a review soon)
Fleetwood Mac—Tusk (bought used on vinyl last weekend)
OM—God is Good (bought at the gig last Friday)
Comets on Fire—s/t
Larry Coryell—European Impressions (now playing!)

Reading: Precious Metal

DPTH International said...

I finally picked up the new Megadeth. It's great.
Anvil - This is thirteen (rerelease)
Cryptic Slaughter-Money Talks (reissue)
Hirax-The new age of terror
Ravage- The end of tomorrow
Municipal Waste-Massive Aggressive
Nomans Land-Farnord
Suicidal Tendencies-S/T
Soulfly- Conquer & Dark Ages
Soulstorm- discography
Warrant(US)-first 3 albums
Motley Crue-Dr.Feelgood & Shout at the devil
Poison-Look what the cat dragged in

Tommyboy said...

(formerly anon/TB, Mich.)
Melvins/Down show was awesome.
Listening to:
Big Business-Here Comes the Waterworks
Corrosion of Conformity-In the Arms of God
Dale Crover-s/t
Gojira-The Way of All Flesh
Sunn & Boris-Altar
Tom Waits-Orphans:Bastards

Metal Mark said...

Whiplash-Unborn again
Essenza-Devil's Breath
Skate Rock volume 1
Jackie Papers-Uukfay Ooyay
JFA-To all our friends
Lynch Mob-Smoke and Mirrors
Turbo-Avatar and One Way
Overkill-Taking Over
Outbreak of metal volume 2
The very best of Billy Idol

Anonymous said...

Nadja/Black Boned Angel-split Black Boned Angel-Verdun Laudanum-The Coronation Procer Veneficus-Convoy (Pt.2) Aluk Todolo-Finsternis Sylvester Anfang II Cosmic Jokers-s/t Cosmic Jokers-Galactic Supermarke Cosmic Jokers-Sci Fi Party Beatles -White Album Judas Priest-Stained Class

All About The Music said...

Well, it's Friday now, but here we go:

-Withered - Folie Circulaire (prolly for the rest of my life
-The Funeral Pyre - Wounds
-BOO - A Higher Place
-Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
-Thine Eyes Bleed - s/t
-Evergreen Terrace - Almost Home

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

cjk, how's the new ETID? I've always liked them and their stage energy. The Buckleys are fun interviews, too

Mule, nice bowl of Sludgy Mac!

Dpth, fun apposite ends of the horizon. Glad you're digging the 'deth and Cryptic Slaughter certainly brings back some memories, right, Metal Mark?

Tommyboy, thanks for the official intro, glad to have you around. Great list and when I saw the Melvins a couple years ago they played as both BB and The Melvins and it was an outstanding show

Mark, you and I have been the Whiplash keeps of the faith all these years; how do you like the new joint? BTW, I got sent one of those Whiplash hot sauces...too funny!

Anon, good taste, particularly with the Beatles and Priest amidst some deep underground stuff. Cheers...

AATM, glad you're here, period! I remembered digging that last Withered album and just never getting to post a review

cjk_44 said...

Ray, the new ETID is a fun, high-energy album. i don't think it is the "evolutionary leap" as claimed by the band, but it is a fine record that eloquently adds to the band's legendary, unique style. the production is phenomenal and helps gets the clarity in their frantic style/sound.

i was thinking about the comments last week about the non-metal choices on our lists and it reminded me of a Baltimore-based punk band (The Dead Boys?) that used to play a loop of Gregorian chants before they hit the stage. the separation between the Gregorian chants and the pile-driving punk rhythms gave the band's performance all the more *oomph*. just one example of how the diversity in listening experiences (no matter chosen or forced) really gives the listener some useful perspective.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I've always dug ETID because of their daringness, their stage energy and I've interviewed both Buckleys who had differing personalities but had quality things to say. I remember interviewing Keith in DC the day after Bush was re-elected and how somber DC was that day. Keith had no rods to spare!

Dead Boys, yay!!!