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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 5/26/10

Greetings, rowdies, another week of gloom as the death trifecta strikes the metal community, now with Paul Gray of Slipknot. Sad enough that Paul died unexpectedly, even sadder he leaves behind an unborn child.

Even more unnerving is the news of the Westboro Baptist Church, led by the controversial Pastor Fred Phillips, and their plans to protest at the site of Ronnie James Dio's funeral on May 30th in Los Angeles. The pastor is quoted by the mainstream press as stating "Thank God for the dead brute Dio."

In a classy gesture, Wendy Dio is urging all of Ronnie's fans to turn the other cheek against such zealotry and to let them have their say. Regardless of how vulgar and tasteless it is to mar a funeral procession of any sort, much less an individual such "protesters" don't know personally, they are entitled to their American right to free speech. Shame they couldn't see the kindness of Ronnie and how much he loved his life, music and above all, his fans. Is it a wonder Ronnie chose a life outside of organized religion? Ironically, it takes an atheist's wife to exemplify the Christian principles of humility and forgiveness in the midst of such an uncouth and un-Christian act as funeral crashing.

Citing anger over Ronnie's atheism amongst other things the Westboro Baptists find offensive including the horns-up salute Ronnie made famous, let us ostracize Phillips and his clan with an edict befitting of their ignorance: "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

'Nuff said.

Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Deftones - White Pony
Rolling Stones - Aftermath
Rolling Stones - Flowers
Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Rolling Stones - Some Girls
Rolling Stones - Tattoo You
Bullet for My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire
Bullet for My Valentine - Fever
Icarus Witch - Draw Down the Moon
Soulfly - Omen
Jimi Hendrix - First Rays of the New Rising Sun
The Cure - Disintegration
Danzig - Danzig III: How the Gods Kill
Danzig - Deth Red Sabaoth
Lamb of God - Hourglass
Dio - Master of the Moon


Metal Mark said...

Bronz-Carried by the storm
Celestiial-Where life springs eternal
Dio-Dream Evil
Lethal Saint-s/t
Snake Eyes-s/t
The Jackie Papers-I'm in love
Mehida-The eminent storm
Iron Maiden-Dance of death
Def Leppard-Pyromania
Rolling Stones-Between the buttons
The Who-Sell out
Van Halen-Diver Down

tarleisio said...

I saw that press release - and Wendy Dio's exceedingly classy reply, and while yes, people are entitled to their opinions, some people also need to get - a life! Here's hoping that both Wendy and the fans - legions of them - show what love really means. If anyone knew, then Dio knew that, too!

Argh - another Voice in the Dark to miss...

Today is a day for...
The Cure - Disintegration (Still a Major Head Exploder, all these years later)
Cradle of Filth - Dusk and Her Embrace (which for some reason goes great with the Cure, at least in my sick, demented mind)
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses. (A day without Type O is a day without a downpour. An Aural Anaconda of an album. In fact, that's what I called my review)
The Cult - Love (and there's never enough to go around, ya know?)
Samhain - Initium (And had I known then what would begin...)
Happy Mondays - Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches (Call me whatever you like, so long as it's eclectic!)
Emilie Autumn - Opheliac (deluxe version. I shall never be hip and happening, since I only recently came across this. A girl can handle only so much testosterone at a time without needing counterpoint, if only for a change. Estrogen euphoria - and it's bloody, effing brilliant, too!)
Ronnie James Dio - Holy Diver (Because it's Dio, because he's gone, because this is how I pay my respects)
Guiseppe Tartini - The Devil's Trill. (Aha! Surprise! When writing of the Devil, it pays to do research!)
Danzig - Lucifuge (Because not a few songs on this album literally make my blood run cold. Or hot. Or metamorphose into lava. Whatever it is, it's bad. Or good. or good in a bad way. Or nasty in a good way. Yeah. That's it!)

bob_vinyl said...

Weather Report - Heavy Weather
Everyone Everywhere - s/t
Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards
Generation X - Valley of the Dolls
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Kinks - NYC 1980 (bootleg)

I like what you wrote about RJD and WBC. I find atheism troubling, but I do not presume to judge men's souls. I hope RJD finds himself in heaven whether he believed in it or not.

The Klepto said...

Short list this week:

1. Brant Bjork - Keep Your Cool
2. Brant Bjork - Tres Dias
3. Brant Bjork And The Operators - Brant Bjork And The Operators
4. Elf - Carolina County Ball
5. Elf - Elf
6. Elf - Trying To Burn The Sun
7. Elvis Deluxe - Lazy
8. King Giant - Southern Darkness
9. Megadeth - United Abominations
10. Metallica - ...And Justice For All
11. Planet of Zeus - Eleven The Hard Way
12. Smoke - Smoke Follows Beauty
13. Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent
14. Tyr - By The Light Of The Northern Star
15. Wolverine - Million Hells (EP)

Watching: Just finished re-watching all of the How I Met Your Mother Series. Moving into Galactica, if only to see what all the fuss is about

DPTH International said...

Alias - S/t
Alas - Absolute Purity
Concrete Blonde - bloodletting
Place Of Skulls - love through Blood ep
Mr. Bungle - s/t
Anthrax - We've come for you all
Wolfmother - s/t
Sacrifice - Apocalypse inside
Classic Crime - Albatross
Queens Club - Young Giant
Number One Gun - Celebrate Mistakes, Promises for the Imperfect, To The Secrets And Knowledge.
Rainbow - Rising
Exodus- Exhibition B: The Human Condition
Skyforger - Kurbads
Kutless - s/t , Sea of Faces

It is a damned shame about Dio's funeral. Here's hoping the guests don't let the protestors get to them.

cjk_44 said...

The Pineapple Thief – Someone Here is Missing
Immolation – Majesty and Decay
Byzantine – Oblivion Beckons
Amorphis – The Karelien Isthmus
Fates Warning – Perfect Symetry (demos)
Iced Earth – s/t
Velvet Revolver – Libertad
The Who – Who’s Next (w/ bonus tracks)
Tom Waits – Glitter & Doom Live

Reading: “Inventing Late Night: Steve Allen and the Original Tonight Show” by Ben Alba

Watching: Orioles at Washington Nationals Stadium

tough double whammy with Dio and Paul Gray lost.

with the iPod on shuffle the other day heard "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" and realized its been a while since i listened to the Stones in earnest.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, who is The Jackie Papers? Seems I've heard of them.

Tarlesio, if I accidentally referred to you as a dude in the past, I apologize. Your presence really makes this segment of my blog worth doing. Keep those anecdotes coming. I haven'y listened to Happy Mondays in forever...maybe I should get 'em off the shelf. Love it. As for Disintegration, I too had it going this week and it remains today one of the most perfectly detailed albums ever put down. Though The Cure still makes great music, it's too bad they never recovered the layering mojo that is Disintegration.

Bob, thanks, and I like your response. Wouldn't that be the neatest thing for an atheist? Or perhaps the most shattering.

Klepto, that IS short for you. I've not watched the new Battlestar Galactica, but grew up with the original. I should watch the old stuff again and see if it holds up.

Dpth, I would assume the proceedings will go down as smoothly as possible by the guests, but if those zealots do show up, I hope the guilt of funeral crashing catches up to them in life. You just don't go there, no matter your beef with an individual. It'd be as bad as folks bringing popcorn to watch The Crucifixion.

cjk, there's a good article about the making of Exile in the latest RS, so I pulled out some of my stock of the Stones...there's lots they did I don't care for and at times they're an absolute train wreck, but the magic's there, it's there

Metal Mark said...

Ray-Short lived punk rock band from the late 90's that did two EPs. Male singer and three women playing all the instruments.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

sounds good, Mark