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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Metal Louvre: Ratt - Invasion of Your Privacy

While we're remembering the 1984 that wasn't...

Released in 1985, Invasion of Your Privacy is a tail-end party crasher album which survived the Orwellian paranoia subconsciously undermining Cold War America the preceding year. Nevertheless, the cover of Invasion suggests the lingering presence of Big Brother with Playbody model Marianne Gravette (also featured in the "Lay if Down" video) glancing towards a surreptitious voyeur off-panel. Meanwhile, she's surrounded by an open glass door (forever tainted in allure by the chase sequence in John Carpenter's original Halloween) and a pinpointing video camera overtop her feathery coif.

Gravette's dimensions are sleek, her underwear is white, indicating a questionable purity as she's being spied upon. Whereas Tawny Kitaen blatantly vamped the cover of Out of the Cellar, Gravette quietly tantalizes with her French cut giving us her hips and her cotton-strained bosom slumping into her lap. Sometimes sexiness is conveyed without nudity. Ratt may sing "You hardly notice" on "Between the Eyes," but I beg to differ.

Little would anyone know this cover would be 20 years shy of exemplifying the voyeuristic obsession of reality t.v. America. Ratt were using sex to sell albums, but they were far classier and more on-the-mark than perhaps even they realized while ripping out "You're in Love," "Dangerous But Worth the Risk" and "Got Me On the Line" like the good times would roll on forever. Too bad they didn't. Today's Big Brother got bought off to sell sex and hybrid vehicles.


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