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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ray's Interview With Bill Aucoin Posted at Dee Snider's House of Hair Online

My 2003 interview with late Bill Aucoin is now running at Dee Snider's House of Hair Online.

From my introduction:

In 2003 I was working on a personal project related to the music industry when I was graciously steered towards former Kiss, Billy Idol and Billy Squier manager Bill Aucoin. As a young fan of Kiss in the seventies, the recurring name of Bill Aucoin rang to my eyes on the album credits as an orchestrator of the magic in league with Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace. Little did I know back then Bill was THE orchestrator. Having the opportunity to speak with Bill was a milestone in my journalism career. His gentle candor reminded me of Mr. True Believer himself, Stan Lee, yet in the case of Bill Aucoin, no truer believer existed in his time ushering the hottest band in the world to the masses.

Upon receiving the news of Bill Aucoin’s recent passing, I was initially mortified. During the same interview sessions for this 2003 venture, I’d spoken with Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin Dubrow and Enuff Z’nuff drummer Ricky Parent, both of whom have likewise passed on. This interview with Mr. Aucoin was conducted at the height of a business day. Bill was multitasking with a headset on as we spoke and I was in awe he conveyed such a detailed and poignant interview. Given recent anecdotes by those close to him, we can assume Bill Aucoin’s principles in the music industry are unparalleled. Proof positive given in the interview you’re about to read, presented for the first time as a House of Hair Online exclusive.

I’d like to thank both Lisa Walker and Carol Kaye for their roles in making this fabulous event in my writing life happen.

House of Hair with Dee Snider


tarleisio said...

One thing that struck me about your excellent interview, where it came through loud and clear - is that I guess they don't make managers like that any more. Bill Aucoin was an obviously dedicated - and principled - manager of the old school, who did what he did for one reason only -

The music and the privilege of working with the artists that created it!

In a money-focused, image-obsessed age, it makes me sad that there are fewer and fewer people around like him.

And seriously - if putting a band on the road on your Amex isn't true dedication, then what the hell is?

Great, great interview! Congrats on getting three of them up on House of Hair!

Kevinthousanddollars said...

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Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Tarleisio, I have more than 3 interviews there, also find Ace Frehley, Lita Ford/Jim Gilette, KK Downing and others at House of Hair. But thanks a mil for the fabulous words. I think Bill's breed is represented by a solid handful from his generation and one behind him who practice good ethics, but I think it's probably unprecedented anyone would put 20K on an Amex card where you're liable for the entire balance at the end of each month just to get a band going.