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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Metal Louvre: Iron Maiden - "Twilight Zone" single

One of the strangest but coolest concepts in the Maidenverse, the "Twilight Zone" single really captures a vivid EC Comics spirit with the ghost of Eddie taunting this girl at her boudoir from the afterlife. I believe the silly "otherlife" horror flick The Legacy came around the time of this release, if not within a couple years. While The Legacy doesn't hold up even by eighties' horror standards, Maiden's "Twilight Zone" artwork is nearly timeless.

The colors and textures in this palette are some of the most striking in all of Iron Maiden's cover art. A vivid fog green casting from the right, an apposite velvet and violet color clash from center panel, the grimy hub of the English deathtown played to extreme measures in Maiden's early can't help but be engrossed by it aesthetically.

You also have to love the subtleties of this cheeky yet haunting piece. A shattering alarm clock at the girl's elbow can be construed as busting itself apart trying to wake her from a purported dream. Or it can be a fracture of time whisking this scantilly-clad femme into the netherworld. Superstitions abound in this painting with a black cat, splintered glass from the clock and the Death tarot card scattered around the frame. What's with the Cosmo mag and the wine bottle in trash can? Harbingers of her nightmare? All I know is, if this lass' true love is Iron Eddie (as suggested by the hilarious shit-grinning demonaic in her picture frame) she's not the only one who crossed over into The Twilight Zone.

Even Rod Serling might have to reconsider submitting that proposal for anyone's approval.


tarleisio said...

There's loads of B-movie backstory buried in here somewhere, and I think it's a great, great cover.

One thing, though. Apart from the picture frame (of Eddie? Of some other demon?), no female I ever heard of with a vanity has nothing but an alarm clock on it.

Sort of defeats the purpose of a vanity, ya know?

But it IS the kind of image that gets your imagination going - always the best kind!

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

That's a great point and probably intentional. Dang, I didn't pick up on that and I live with a gal who has a cluttered vanity, lol

custom writing papers said...

I think Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie, is a perennial fixture in the band's science fiction and horror-influenced album cover art, as well as in live shows

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Thumbs up if you knew Jerry Garcia wrote this song and The Grateful Dead performed it. 

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