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Friday, September 24, 2010

Kiss to Stream Epicenter Twenty Ten Performance at Facebook Social Game This Saturday

Kiss fans have the opportunity to stream the group's headlining show at the Epicenter Twenty Ten Festival in Fontana, California this Saturday, September 25th.

Hop onto Booyah's Nightclub City page to join in as the Kiss concert will air at the social game and musician's networking page simultaneously with and various CBS Radio rock station websites via UStream.

Fans can watch Kiss for free by by logging on to the Nightclub City application in Facebook or by going to the Kiss Ustream site. Those who view the concert in Nightclub City will be given exclusive Kiss-affiliated virtual goods to use in the game. In addition, Nightclub City players will have access to a Kiss playlist in the game featuring some of their best-known material.

Nightclub City is a digital game based around real-world music. The Kiss concert represents Booyah’s platform as a real-world gaming leader blending interactive entertainment with social applications.

Paul Stanley notes about this unique event, “We're celebrating the end of a monster tour by giving everyone a chance to relive some of what they heard and saw at the show. Unfortunately, we will not be responsible for computers melting."

Nightclub City Page
Kiss Online
Booyah Home Page


bob_vinyl said...

I bet the guy who looks like Ace and the guy who looks like Peter will melt a lot of PCs with their guitar and drum solos.

bob_vinyl said...
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tarleisio said...

Wowee!! Is there anything better than a live, streaming KISS concert - at 5:30 in the morning? ;-)