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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Metal Louvre: Venom - Possessed

Amazing the fun you can have with an exposure still. Could there be a more stripped way to convey fear while doing it in cheeky fashion? Say what you will, these creepy little kids wearing Venom tanks on Possessed are freaking unnerving. Call 'em Children of the Goddamned.

The original cut of Possessed was as naked, stark and intentionally banal as its cover. Venom made a lark out of satanism and this cover is just as smarmy as "Hellchild" or "Satanachrist" from the album. I've always wondered who's kids took the honor for this shot and what they're like now as adults.

Parody and jokes aside, this cover is fucked up, metally-speaking.


Anonymous said...

what is so fucked up about this stupid cover? It is lame, and not creepy at all.

Metal Mark said...

It's a mediocre cover and a mediocre album. Black Metal is probably my favorite cover of theirs and Welcome to metal is my favorite for the music. I always likrf their logo though.

Fearlono said...

I always thought this cover was deeply disturbing. If you invert the colours and examine the expression on the child(?) with the long hair's face, it's not pleasant.

Glad someone else was creeped out..