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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 12/22/10

Happy Holidays, everybody! Hope everyone's surviving the ant farm squish-alongs in the stores and not yet ready to vomit with the umpteenth playing of Vanessa Williams' "What Child Is This?" Believe it or not, I once had a buddy who leaked flatulence into his own mix of the track. Riot, I assure you. Hey, God has a sense of humor, right? Why else would the Backstreet Boys ever have come into existence?

As we wrap up 2010, The Metal Minute will finish the year with a couple of extra reviews including two omitted from the first issue of Retaliate. As I was absent for a couple months this year, I can't rightly come up with justifiable 25 Immaculate Receptions list since that would be unfair to those releasing material in that timeframe. I know, play the canned audience-spewed "Awwwwwww...."

However, there will be the third annual Up to the Minute Awards, which comes in conjunction with a host of other metal and rock bloggers such as Heavy Metal Time Machine, Hard Rock Hideout and many others. I have crowned a winner for Best Metal Album of 2010, so do stay tuned, won'tcha?

For now, rock out with your Santa sock out and have a great holiday, everybody. Peace...

Reverend Horton Heat - We Three Kings
Elvis Presley - It's Christmas Time
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Boogie Woogie Christmas
Halford - Winter Songs
Curtis Mayfield - The Best of Curtis Mayfield
Larry Williams - Bad Boy
Mars Volta - Octahedron
Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny and Mutation
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Twisted Sister - Club Daze Vol. 1: The Studio Sessions
Kiss - Creatures of the Night
Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt
Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Rob Zombie - Icon 2


cjk_44 said...

Happy holidays everyone!

Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul II
Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non Es Dignus
Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Torche - Meanderthal
Rosetta - Lift/Wake
Earth - The Bees Made Honey ...
Chroma Key - Graveyard Mountain Home
Tool - 10,000 Days
Corrosion of Conformity - America's Volume Dealer
Intronaut - Null
Joe Satriani - Engines of Creation
Explosions in the Sky - All of the Sudden ...

I love listening the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters record you mentioned in your holiday music story - have to pull that out for this week. My uncle's ex-wife's cousin plays horns on the Brian Setzer holiday music album - that's fun to listen to for a more upbeat take on traditional holiday music.

taotechuck said...

Still working my way through Dylan's catalog (at least the good records), and now that I'm done listening to Simon and Garfunkel, I figured I'd tackle Simon's solo albums. It's a lot of fun to finally listen to these classic albums that I've never heard before.

Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy the holiday, or at least the time off from work.

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More
Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind
Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart
Bob Dylan - Desire
Paul Simon - Graceland
Paul Simon - Rhythm of the Saints
Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years
Paul Simon - Surprise
The Replacements - Let It Be
The Replacements - Tim
LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Adele - 19
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
Frank Sinatra - Only the Lonely
Peter Murphy - Deep
Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs - God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

Metal Mark said...

Iron Maiden-s/t, Final Frontier,The night of the living dead
Primal Fear-3 re-issues
Skin-Breaking the silence
Judas Priest-Sin after sin
Fifth Angel-s/t
Sister Sin-several
Stryper-Soldiers under command

((( Headbang Here ))) said...

Been a very pop week for me (not entirely by choice), lol. But then again, I can't get enough of that 7 Sinners. This all being said:

Helloween - 7 Sinners
Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
Bruno Mars
Katy Perry
The Bridal Procession
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Go Radio - Do Overs And Second Chances
Phantom Planet - The Guest

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Headbang, Gaga remains the most interesting pop star to me and I liked both Fame and Fame Monster though I don't really need the remixes. I only worry about her burning herself out. What started as a joke AGAINST the mainstream has now become full-fledged mainstream and she could become a statistic very fast if she doesn't slow the hell down.

cjk, back atcha, bro, glad to see that Rosetta in there; great album...and yeah, man, get up the Bing! I always look forward to the present opening scene in A Christmas Story because their "Jingle Bells" is going in the background. Innocence captured.

Chuck, very nice playlist...Rhythm of the Saints is a masterpiece and I should get around some of those other albums since I have a really good concert DVD of his from the early 80s. Also glad to see Peter Murphy in there. Wish he'd DO something, for crying out loud.

Mark, of course, that one's the best Stryper album...I really took onto Sister Sin, though I don't have the whole new album, just a sampler, but the previous album was fun.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

oh, and cjk, great pull on Earth! New album is coming from Dylan,

Metal Mark said...

Ray-I'll burn the new Sister Sin for you some time. It's nothing new, but pretty cool early Motley Crue type stuff only with a female singer with a far better range than Vince Neil.

Stryper had a good drummer in Robert Sweet and a good guitarist in Oz Fox. Robert Sweet has gotten even better with other bands he has played with in recent years too. Oz Fox was very much influenced by Randy Rhoads and it shows on Soldiers under command more than any of their other albums. The problems were the high vocals and so may sissy/fluffy type songs. Oh and the wretched bumble bee outfits didn't help either.

cjk_44 said...

Ray, when compiling my year end "Best of" list I often go back to the previous year just for comparison's sake - couldn't believe I hadn't listened to Earth in a long time. Very excited to hear what Dylan comes up with the new disc.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, I remember that about Sister Sin and felt it was harmless throwback hard rock, thanks, man. And I'm dying about the bumble bee crack, since we used to say the same thing back in the day, though I remember I had a Stryper shirt back then until they went more commercial.

cjk, good philosophy and I'm definitely looking forward to the new Earth. Dylan's one of the nicest guys I've ever met and it's a shame he got slagged in the press as brutally as he has. Great mind for Duane Eddy drone metal and a class act out there.