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Friday, January 28, 2011

CD Review: Gniyrg Gnaarg - From Mother Sun

Gniyrg Gnaarg - From Mother Sun EP
2010 self-produced
Devin Walsh

Gniyrg Gnaarg is the last band you would expect to come out of Finland. They are a psychedelic retro mind trip back to the days of Black Sabbath. Gniyrg Gnaarg seems to conform to none other than themselves as they sludge and pound their way through your speakers. Their newest EP, From Mother Sun, is not for those looking for a simple radio hit, as each of their four songs clock in at the 10 minute mark. While only having four songs, I really like the fact that it is as long as, if not even longer, than many full length albums.

For a band formed by two bass players, their love of the low end spectrum comes through loud and clear with a very bottom heavy performance. Unlike modern mainstream metal, the bass really grooves and creates the thick atmosphere that stays true throughout the entire EP. For those who are fans of stoner/sludge metal, this is certainly one worth checking out. Each song flows smoothly into the multitude of different parts, but at the same time, it leaves the listener guessing what they might throw at them next. Gniyrg Gnaarg describes their particular style of metal as dungeon metal, and I could not come up with a better name myself. Their music evokes the feeling of being in a cold, dark, and damp dungeon with no hope for escape. If I lived in a dungeon, this would be my permanent soundtrack.

The EP as a whole is reminiscent of old school Black Sabbath by providing the vibe that these songs were crafted spending countless hours jamming and really letting the music take them where it needed to go. It is a solid performance all around by each band member as they lock in tight with each other and are certainly on the same musical page. With the bass and drums woven together to create the gel that holds them together, the guitar work compliments the essence of the songs very well. The vocals have a droning type feel to them which does not fit well with all kinds of music, but it fits the Gniyrg Gnaarg mold. While the vocals stay on key, at times they could use a little variation by straying from the music’s rhythm, but with time on their side, vocal growth will certainly come.

From Mother Sun by Gniyrg Gnaarg is a strong effort that will please fans of this particular genre. You have to be ready to sit back and let them take you on a ride through their musical time machine. As long as you are mentally prepared to take this journey, you will most definitely enjoy a spin on the Gniyrg Gnaarg coaster.


Corey said...

awesome devy, i'll give it a listen!

((( Headbang Here ))) said...

Ray, you stole my guy, Devin. HAHA, JK! Hope you're well, man - Alex

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Hey, Alex, sorry, dude. Didn't know he'd put himself on waivers, lol...