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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Louvre: Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Here's an album that doesn't get a lot of love, which kinda stinks because Deep Purple's Stormbringer may not peel the paint like In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head or even David Coverdale's other Purple outing Burn, but it's a damned fine album. It has groove, some soul and enough heavy to quantify it as hard rock. Coverdale's contributions are the main reason Stormbringer passes off as slick as it does, considering the in-house drama plaguing Deep Purple at this point in their career. It's a small miracle they recorded a well-rounded, though underappreciated album.

Besides, doesn't this artwork leave a lot to the imagination? I've always tripped on the juxtaposition of Pegasus in relation to the tornado ripping through a midwest farm scene. Is Pegasus the instigator or is he actually chasing the funnel down in the hopes of preventing disaster? The title Stormbringer indicates one thing, but I sometimes like to think Pegasus has burst out of the murk with the rainbow lightning at his back in the interest of good. Release the Kracken...


Metal Mark said...

The figures and shades are fine, but the overall image is very busy and doesn't quite fit. Plus I see that Pegasus with a rainbow flash above it and it makes me think that it's something that would be better suited on a blacklight poster on some girl's bedroom in 1975 than on this album cover. Their weakest album of the 70's too, but it's okay overall.

cjk_44 said...

i do believe that is the first time i have ever seen the cover of that album. i am familiar with the songs via radio, but somehow managed to not see the cover. shame on me, no?

metalodyssey said...

That "mystical theme" always followed/follows Ritchie Blackmore around! This is a true 1970's album cover where "art" so often was "thought out". I've always appreciated this Stormbringer album.

- Stone

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, your blacklight poster part made me laugh. I'm not saying this album is one of their finest, but it deserves a bit more credit than it usually gets. I think the image is intentionally busy in the upper left panel, which is for me, what starts to provoke my imagination. Think I'll go play Stormbringer and Burn while I'm job hunting.

cjk, you're making my point, actually, that not as many people know this album, much less what it looks like...I think it was kept subversive to the diehard collectors by record stores until the past 5 years or so when reissue mania began bringing obscure records to the light

Metalodyssey, thanks again, man...I think you and I come a similar place with these covers.