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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 8/10/11

Evenin' into mornin' readers...

Just getting in from the Candlebox show and a big shout-out of thanks to my homegirl Jen for taking me on her plus one to one hell of a rad show. I think the other particulars were just as memorable as Candlebox's performance--which included a smashing rip on Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." I have to laugh at the 15-year-old kid who'd snuck out of his house (per him, anyway) to attend the show. This was his first live experience and it made me smile to hear him talk about his ears bleeding, all the while hitting on a lady closer to my age. She and her husband became our show buddies, though I do wish we'd had the chance to exchange formalities after the concert.

Then there was the obnoxious giggling pixie who ticked off the entire venue. She sounded like she'd escaped the original Evil Dead with her unnerving cackles that were even heard overtop the opening group. The middle band, Cinder Road, made an impression on me when the lead guitarist brought out his four-year-old son (a complete hairball like his old man), who strummed away on a guitar during the band's set. A delightful side attraction, that father-and-son moment is probably the most horns-up worthy moment I've seen this year.

Let's hope England gets a grip on this freaking rioting, huh? Protesting is one thing. Demanding rights is another. Trying to employ "Anarchy in the UK" is just irresponsible and in the end, serves nobody. I have many friends and some family over in Great Britain and my thoughts go out to them amidst this insanity.

Getting back to business here at The Metal Minute, we'll be working on previous agenda clearance along with a look at the new Admiral Browning and Landmine Marathon releases. Keep it hard, everyone...

Anthrax - Persistence of Time
Anthrax - Worship Music
Anthrax - Fistful of Metal
Anthrax - Sound of White Noise
Anthrax - We've Come For You All
Anthrax - Alive 2
Grifter - s/t
The Cult - Love
The Cult - Sonic Temple
Admiral Browning - Battle Stations
Yes - Tormato
Clutch - Elephant Riders
Clutch - Jam Room
Weezer - Make Believe
Depeche Mode - Violator
Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion
Depeche Mode - Exciter
Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe
Candlebox - Happy Pills
Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
The Cure - Head On the Door
The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
The Cure - Disintegration
The Cure - Wild Mood Swings
The Cure - 4:13 Dream
Neil Young - Harvest Moon


Metal Mark said...

Army of darkness
Evil dead 2
Blade Runner
Yor the hunter
The Fog
The Howling
Running Man

Xorigin-State of the art
Atomic Rooster-s/t re-issue
Jorn-Live in black
Saxon-Call to arms
Buzzcocks-What do I get?
Possessed-Seven churches

taotechuck said...

Mahler - Symphony #1 (Zinman)
k.d. lang - All You Can Eat
Grateful Dead - The Closing of Winterland, 12/31/78
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 4
Grateful Dead - Go To Heaven
Grateful Dead - Reckoning
Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps
Paul Oakenfold - Ibiza

DPTH International said...

Embodyment - Various songs from a few of their albums.
Embraced - An Orchestrated Failure
Encased - Modus Operandi
Encryptor - Sermon Decay , Encryption (1999-2006)
Enlow - The Desperate Letters, The Recovery
Ensiferum - Dragonhead EP, Ensiferum , From Afar , Victory Songs
Epica - Studio Albums + Classical Conspiracy
Equinox - Journey Into Oblivion
Erase - Mental Overload
Ereb Altor - The End

Also :
Black Majesty - Tomorrowland
Blind Stare - Symphony of Delusions
The Appleseed Cast- Split (w/Race Car Riots & Planes Mistaken For Stars), Two Conversations
Savatage-Dead Winter Dead
The Pursuit Of Happiness-The Downward Spiral, Love Junk

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Mark, nice set of soundtracks there. As big a fan as I am of those, I only have Blade Runner out of that whole set, wow. And you can't wrong with Atomic Rooster, Buzzcocks and Possessed.

Chuck, still hanging in the Dead, eh? Monty Python comes to mind at this point, lol...

Dpth, you know, I've always laughed at the title "Love Junk." Only Static X's "Love Dump" and J Geils Band's "Love Stinks" can top it.

Thanks, gentlemen, for reliably chiming in with your lists each week!

cjk_44 said...

Tombs – Path of Totality
Obscura – Cosmogenesis
Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse
Clutch – Basket of Eggs
Clutch – Blast Tyrant
Clutch – Robot Hive/Exodus
Clutch – From Beale Street to Oblivion
Clutch – Strange Cousins from the West
Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
Tony MacAlpine – Evolution
H.I.M. – Dark Light
Roger Waters – Radio K.A.O.S.
Joss Stone – LP1
Adele – 19
Amy Winehouse – Frank
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

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