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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 8/24/11

What's happenin' readers?

Here on the east coast we had ourselves a few seconds of fun (sarcastically speaking, of course) yesterday with the ripples of a reported 5.9 magnitude earthquake originating in northern Virginia. Amazing how life stops on a dime in the midst of a serious rumble yet most people's immediate reaction is to dash to Facebook via the quickest digital route they can and post their clever ancedotes. Be thankful it wasn't anything largely un-funny like Japan's destructive wakes, ya goofballs. Shout outs to Colorado, who also got a shake-up yesterday. And on the heels of that is Hurricane Irene, so brace yourselves if you live in the lower to mid Atlantic. Mama Nature's on the rag, so hunker down.

A quick hello to my departed aunt on the other side. The burial was a beautiful ceremony and I was honored to read a passage from Revelations at her funeral mass. Take care, Aunt Maxine, I know you've been lurking over my shoulder a few times since crossing over. Hope the view isn't too alarming.

Here at The Metal Minute, we'll be taking a look at the upcoming Rainbow release, Live in Germany 1976, as well as new stuff from the Krum Bums and Wolves in the Throne Room, plus more of the usual insanity luring you back to this site on a regular basis. Bless your restless and wild souls...

The Runaways - The Mercury Albums Anthology
Totimoshi - Avenger
Neurosis - Sovereign EP reissue
Krum Bums - Cut the Noose
Feersum Ennjin - s/t
Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox
Kingdom of Sorrow - s/t
Rainbow - Live in Germany 1976
Slade - Slayed?
Quiet Riot - Metal Health
Quiet Riot - Condition Critical
Whiplash - Power and Pain
Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
Piledriver - Stay Ugly
The Boomtown Rats - The Best of The Boomtown Rats
Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power
The Stooges - s/t
The Stooges - Fun House
The Stooges - The Weirdness


Metal Mark said...

Saxon-Call to arms, Denim and leather, Strong arm of the law
Aittala-Haunt your flesh
Warhorse-Red sea
Hull-Beyond the lightless sky
Rox-Violent Breed
Anthrax-Worship music
Metal Church-Hanging in the balance
Guns and Roses-Live at the Ritz 1987

taotechuck said...

I only have 2 CDs (well, 2 titles, 5 CDs) in my car right now. Sometimes it's good to just listen to the same album a few times in a row... you hear things differently after multiple listens.

Grateful Dead - Europe '72
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 9

cjk_44 said...

Dir en Grey – Dum Spiro Spero
Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows
All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends
Wolverine – Communication Lost
Deafheaven – Roads to Judah
Tombs – Path of Totality
Lamb of God – New American Gospel
Amon Amarth – The Avenger
Sentenced – Frozen
Susperia – Predominance
AC/DC – For Those About to Rock
Ozzy Osbourne – Ozzmosis
Vinnie Moore – Meltdown
Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg
Vast – Visual Audio Sensory Theater
The Cars – s/t
Pearl Jam – Live on Two Legs
North Mississippi Allstars – Keys to the Kingdom

Chuck, that's a good observation; too often lately I've been listening to something once and moving on to something different.

DPTH International said...

Armoured Saint - Revelation
The Breath of Life - Goodbye (Proud World)
Iron Clad/Lion's Pride - split For Folk and Land/Fortress Europe
Aingels & Airwaves - All 3 studio albums
Saints of The Underground- Love the Sin , Hate the Sinner
Magica - Wolves & Witches
Pathfinder- Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time.

And I finally finished the E's in my collection.

Exousia- Conquer , Welcome to the Kingdom of Light
Extol - Burial, Paralysis ep, Mesmerized ep, Undeceived , Synergy, The Blueprint Dive
Extreme - II Pornograffitti, III Sides to Every Story
Fairyland - Discography
Faith No More - Angel Dust, Album of the Year, King For A Day ... , The Real Thing
Faith or fear - Instruments of Death

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Chuck, believe it or not, a lot of the albums I pull each week are given numerous spins apiece. Seldom do I just spin something once and then re-shelve it. I agree that multiple listens often unravel new things.

Mark, not sure I've heard of Rox outside of Roxanna Shirazi, i.e. her nickname "Rox"

cjk, definitely a deep plunge on your part...I know sometimes the temptation to want to consume as much as you can in a select amount of time is hard to resist...I used to want my playlists so inflated I'd grab everything I could possibly squeeze in. I take clusters of albums with me to the office, so that helps, though I usually spin the same batch up to the following Wednesday when I post the new list, lol...

Dpth, Revelation is a better album than it's given credit for, nice pick. And you know, every time I think about FNM, I think of two things: their incredible opening set with Soundgarden and Voivod and a handful of different people who've asked me which album I think is FNM's best. When I answer "King for a Day," they've all said the exact same thing: "You're a true fan." That makes me laugh, but I think it's really cool stuff.

DPTH International said...

I'd say Angel Dust is my favourite FNM album, but many a time I've pulled King for a Day out for a listen. That album has really grown on me.

Joseph Gardner said...

Saxon-Call to arms, Denim and leather, Strong arm of the law Aittala-Haunt your flesh Warhorse-Red sea Hull-Beyond the lightless sky Rox-Violent Breed Anthrax-Worship music Metal Church-Hanging in the balance Guns and Roses-Live at the Ritz 1987