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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Metal Minute's 100 Metal Albums You Can't Live Without: Numbers 49 to 40

49. Motorhead - Ace of Spades

No, Lemmy doesn't feel Motorhead is a metal band nor a punk band. Yes, Motorhead is simply a louder than fuck rock 'n roll band. It doesn't mean we should dismiss them from a list of Metal Albums You Can't Live Without. If this one's not in your collection, you're just lame.

48. Destruction - Eternal Devastation

As mentioned with Kreator, Destruction were fearsome thrash mongrels of their time before both bands surrendered to strange experimental albums a few years after American thrash acts did likewise. Eternal Devastation, however, is a whirling tsunami of speed you simply must subject yourself to. Its reckless velocity is the equivalent of a rough night on the Zipper ride.

47. Faith No More - King For a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

This is the album Faith No More devotees will hold over your head whether you're a true fan or a poser. The Real Thing damn well should be in your stable, as well as Angel Dust and Album of the Year, but the true fans speak loudly with this choice. Jim Martin may have been lone gone when King For a Day came out, but Trey Spruance's capacity for past downpicking as well as fusion jazz elevated Faith No More's songwriting and created a huge sense of urgency to this album.

46. Quicksand - Slip

The album I once thought was Fugazi when I was in a record store has remained a personal lifelong favorite. If there really is such a thing as "post metal," this is your album. It came as American heavy metal was on its way out the door, save for Slayer and Pantera, yet Quicksand's Slip is a methodic and tasty exercise in amp abuse. Slow and deliberate, these tunes are still way jacked with a compact energy you can't teach.

45. Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

One of the fastest bands in metal history, listening to a Nile album is considered by many as the National Geographic of the genre for their well-researched plunges into Egyptian and Mesopotamian history. The fact Nile melts your brains in the process makes them one of the most severe listening experiences you'll ever confront in metal.

44. Anthrax - Among the Living

The breakout sensation of Among the Living forever cemented their place in metal history. The choice of most fans as their favorite, Among the Living is a relentless fireball of thrash that holds up today better than most. There was a new musicality to speed metal introduced by Anthrax on this album that should've been studied deeper by future bands, but thankfully hasn't. That retains the relevance of Among the Living, along with its comedic overtures.

43. Voivod - Killing Technology

A bit rougher than their future albums, Killing Technology is nonetheless a transitional moment in metal that will split your membranes open. It's such a furious album you'll need to go back through it a couple times to fully savor Piggy and Blacky's ebbing lines at hyperspeed, and I defy you to find a band outside of Maiden where the bassist can match the guitarist note-for-note and transition without ever losing one another. At this speed, Killing Technology surpasses spectacle.

42. Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Though only Tom Hunting and Gary Holt make up the leftover contingency of Exodus' more reknowned years, this band remains one of the most dedicated and quickest thrash acts out there. Bonded by Blood is more than just the what if? album Kirk Hammett might've further graced; it's the album that would've been credited as the birthright of thrash had there been no such thing as Metallica's Kill 'em All.

41. Metallica - Kill 'em All

I don't mean to harp on what's already been said infinitum about Metallica's transition from speed metal lords to jock rockers, but can you honestly step up to Kill 'em All and say it's the same band? Cliff Burton had a lot to do with the reason one inception of Metallica differs from the other, and despite the fact Metallica is regarded as metal's Led Zeppelin, in the beginning, Metallica belonged to us and not them.

40. Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?

Metallica was already on their way towards greatness through the first three albums by the time their former guitarist got his motors revving, but Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? remains a classic for its anger, its drive, its energy and there are few drummers in metal's history who can match Gar Samuelson's jazz-meets-thrash clanging attack which is a special feature unto itself. One of the most-played albums in my collection, I remember raking leaves one fall in my teen years and flipping the cassette of this album over and over and over and over while I worked. Ah, the good ol' days...


Metal Mark said...

Agred on Destruction and Exodus. Like the FNM album too although I was late getting to it like three years after it came out.

"the fact Metallica is regarded as metal's Led Zeppelin,"
Really? I could have sworn Zeppelin did more than three good albums:)

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I was late about a year after King came out because I hadn't realized they were doing anything at the time. I love it, but I dig all their albums.

Love your Metallicrack, lol... I've heard that "Zeppelin" thing too many times in my life and yeah, there's a truth to it in terms of sales and widespread popularity, but I'm with you on your comment.