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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Whattya Listenin' to Wednesday - 9/7/11

Greetings, chums. For those of you who had a three-day weekend, hope it was relaxing or at least safe. Thoughts go out to those who've been displaced by the Texas wildfires or those knee-deep in water throughout the gulf states. We've had your rains up in these parts for nearly two days, so we're sharing your pain on the heels of the earthquake and hurricane. Serious, Mother Nature, put a cork in it, will ya?

Hope everyone's enjoying The Metal Minute's 100 Albums You Can't Live Without. The site meter's been red-hot, and I feel rewarded so many are checking the list out. I've had some random bits of feedback off-site and I'm happy those of you who've reached out are digging it. We'll reach the top spot by the end of next week, so keep on coming back.

You'll probably have noticed a new tag on the site, "Van of the Dead." As I'm being serviced by more horror outlets, I decided to highjack the column title from my Retaliate digital mag until that venue in-stasis has a chance to resurrect itself. Coming this week, "Van of the Dead" is pleased to bring you a sit-down with Bereavement, Malevolence and Brutal Massacre director, Stevan Mena.

So get ready for that, plus reviews and the round up of the albums countdown. Should be a killer week.

Cheers, ya'll...

Enslaved - Below the Lights
Hank III's Attention Deficit Domination - s/t
Hank III's 3 Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin'
Assjack - s/t
Saxon - Call to Arms
Iron Maiden - Killers
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath
Satyricon - Nemesis Divina
WASP - Inside the Electric Circus
Made Out of Babies - Trophy
Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon
Metal Church - s/t
Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip
Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You
The Dresden Dolls - s/t
Filter - The Trouble With Angels
David Byrne - Look Into the Eyeball
David Byrne - Uh-oh
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (Car)
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (Melt)
Peter Gabriel - Passion
AC/DC - Black Ice
Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind
Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator
Zero 7 - When It Falls
Zero 7 - The Garden


taotechuck said...

Two of my plays this week are live shows from DC in '89. Something cool I've discovered since starting this "listening to the Dead" project is you can walk up to someone in a Dead shirt and ask them to recommend a show. I've downloaded about 5 different shows so far, just based on strangers' recommendations.

Of course, it's not just true for the Dead. If you see someone wearing a shirt for a band you like, ask them about other bands they like. If you're not careful, you might learn something.

Wow. All those Fat Albert cartoons I watched as a kid are STILL teaching me good lessons. Who'd'a thunk it?

Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 4 (Fillmore East, Feb 1970)
Grateful Dead - Europe '72
Grateful Dead - RFK, July 12 1989
Grateful Dead - RFK, July 13 1989

DPTH International said...

Fear Before the March of Flames-The always open Mouth, Art Damage, Odd how People Shake
Fearful Symmetry-This Sad Veil of Tears
Fall From Grace - Sifting through the Wreakage
Fearscape - Scent of Divine Blood, Sleeping In Light
Feast Eternal-Prisons of Flesh, With Fire
Feinstein-Third Wish
Fferyllt - Dance of Druids
Final Axe- The Axe of the Apostles
Finntroll - All Studio albums plus Visor Om Slutet EP
Flatfoot 56 - Knuckles Up, Jungle of the Midwest Sea, Black Thorn
Focal Point-Suffering of The Masses
Focused - Bow, The Hope That Lies Within

Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major
Bret Michaels- A Letter From Death Row
Black Tide-Light From Above
Skelator - Death To All Nations
Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus Act I

taotechuck said...

DPTH, I keep meaning to comment to tell you that I'm impressed by your dedication to making it through all your records. I would've crapped out about halfway through the B's. Then again, I passed my 500th Dead track this week, so maybe I've got more perseverance than I give myself credit for.

cjk_44 said...

Trivium – In Waves
Fair to Midland – Arrows & Anchors
Wolverine – Communication Lost
Tesseract – One
Karnivool – Themata
Faith No More – Angel Dust
Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris
Bonham – The Disregard of Timekeeping
Bob Mould – Workbook
The Who – Face Dances
Counting Crows – New Amsterdam

Ray, count me as one of the folks paying particular attention to you Essential 100 Metal Albums list. I've kept quiet so far, but I'll be commenting soon.

Ray, nice to see "Revelator" on your list. Trucks is awesome and although "Revelator" is a bit subdued it is a phenomenal performance from all involved.

DPTH, I also think your dedication is admirable. My previous attempt at such an exercise resulted in failure somewhere in the Cs. You have inspired me to really dig deep into my collection to deliberately pick an album or two to listen to that I would otherwise skip over.

Metal Mark said...

Queeny Blast Pop-Punky demos and Terry demos
Anthrax-Fistful of metal, Demo 1982
Ratt-Demos and rarities (with a surprisingly killer cover of Toys in the attic on it)
Sebastian Bach-Kicking and screaming
Slayer-Hell awaits
Helltown-Lead to hell
Saint Vitus-V
Guns and Roses-Appetite for destruction and Use you illusion 1
House of lords-Big money
Army of darkness soundtrack
Logans Run soundtrack
Untimely Demise-Full speed metal
Enormicon-Storm of swords
Uriah Heep-Live in America
Soho Roses-Whatever happened to...

DPTH-Glad to see someone else likes Final Axe.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I'm with everyone on Dpth's dedication. I tried it once and documented it all here on this blog before it became The Metal Minute and I nearly made it to the C's. Keep going, man. I have the first two Fear Before the March of Flames and dug them a lot but didn't keep up with them.

Chuck, that's a neat story about the Dead show recommendations. And I was fortunate enough to have been given 10 DVDs of Fat Albert as a gift a few years ago. That show is still wonderful and full of lessons. Even He-Man has moral lessons at the end of each episode. Filmation just loved to teach while entertaining.

cjk, Tedeschi Trucks are definitely powerful and I got to hear some of those songs live on The World Cafe and they were even MORE powerful. Glad you're checking on the list. :)

Mark, nice to see Hell Awaits on the list since that'll making an appearance on the list shortly.

DPTH International said...

Thanks everyone! It's sometimes a chore, but it's also fun to go " oh hey, I haven't listened to this in ages."

Part of my problem is I haven't been giving new albums proper listening time and therefore don't necessarily absorb all that there is to offer.

Mark: I hoping to pick up Final Axe's first album, but I do dig Axe of the Apostles.

Ray: I saw Fear Before the March of Flames live a few years ago and picked these albums up there. I actually hadn't listened to them in a long while. It was refreshing, as they are a bit more eclectic then I remembered. A little like The Chariot.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yep, that's the perfect band for comparison, and Quell.