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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update and New Reviews at Blabbermouth

Greetings, readers, apologies for the lapse in activity here at The Metal Minute.  I've been devoting my time to final revisions of my novel, "Saved by Zero," plus a hefty load of reviews for Blabbermouth.  Bop on over to the Blab and check out my current analysis of new stuff from Aerosmith, Deftones, Bad Brains, Down, Enslaved, Killing Joke, Motorhead, Mantas, Doro, The Sword, Between the Buried and Me, While She Sleeps, Mortor, Blackmore's Night, Fisthammer, Altar of Oblivion, "Re-Machined:  A Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head" and the reissue of C.O.C.'s "An Eye For An Eye." 

In the immediate future, be on the lookout for a review here of author Neil Daniels' "Iron Maiden:  The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast." 

I will eventually be responding to your individual emails, readers, but as always, thank you all for your continued support of this site.

As ever,



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