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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ray's 40 Immaculate Receptions for 2012

Greetings, readers!  While this year may not have been the most active for The Metal Minute, on a personal level, I have found much satisfaction in my duties with Blabbermouth.  Right now, I have over there reviews of the latest from Soundgarden, Kamelot, Neurosis, Isis, Kylesa, Jon Lord, Silencer, Shadowside, Void Moon, Kruk, Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi's Who Cares, A Twisted Xmas:  Live in Vegas and Saxon's Heavy Metal Thunder:  The Movie.

In 2013, I will continue to review for the Blab and hopefully pick up the pace here at this site since so many of you have remained faithful and patient for activity here. 

While mulling over my favorite albums of this year, I acknowledge as always that one cannot possibly hear every single release the music industry offers, just in the major label spectrum alone.  I've encountered so many bright, new acts coming up through the majors, indies and homespinners, many who will likely be gone as fast as they've arrived.  I nonetheless wish them all well since I know better than most what it means to push for a dream, blood and soul.  2013 should hopefully become my most successful year on the heels of all that was accomplished in 2012. 

While the majority of my annual Immacluate Receptions list this year is concrentrated in metal, I cannot help but acknowledge the greatness of other groups outside of this genre.  Would that I had the time to push into those avenues deeper, this list might've been even more diverse, but I consider 2012 a strong year overall for music and I'm proud to have been able to keep a mean pace consuming new materials this year.  I've of course, inadvertently neglected many bands seeking my audience and to all of you who apply, I'm sorry.  My life is not my own as always, but I do the best I can to refine it so that pleasure counters the pain.  Unfortunately, the means my emails get clogged and my responsibilies get heaped.   Never give up the fight, to coin a now-corny eighties metal colloquialism.  That declaration used to mean everything, so keep it true to your own pursuits and desires. 

With that, I offer you fine folks my 40 Immaculate Receptions for 2012:


1.      Alabama ShakesBoys and Girls

2.      Jon LordConcerto for Group and Orchestra

3.      Between the Buried and MeThe Parallax II:  Future Sequence

4.      Killing JokeMMXII

5.      Bad BrainsInto the Future

6.      EnslavedRIITIIR

7.      DeftonesKoi No Yokan

8.      Bob DylanTempest

9.      Fiona AppleThe Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw…

10.   BaronessYellow and Green

11.   OverkillThe Electric Age

12.   Pig DestroyerBook Burner

13.   TestamentDark Roots of Earth

14.   IhsahnEremita

15.   SighIn Somniphobia

16.   EarthAngels of Darkness, Demons of Light 2

17.   RushClockwork Angels

18.   SoundgardenKing Animal

19.   The CultChoice of Weapon

20.   Green DayDos!

21.   SilencerThe Great Bear

22.   KreatorPhantom Antichrist

23.   Spittin’ CobrasYear of the Cobra

24.   ZZ TopLa Futura

25.   Corrosion of Conformitys/t

26.   NeurosisHonor Found in Decay

27.   Mumford and SonsBabel

28.   Cryptopsy – s/t

29.   The SwordApocryphon

30.   Saint VitusLillie:  F-65

31.   AcceptStalingrad

32.   HeartFanatic

33.   Titans EveLife Apocalypse

34.   The CasualtiesResistance

35.   Municipal WasteThe Fatal Flesh

36.   Christian MistressPossession

37.   Mos GeneratorNomads

38.   The Fat Dukes of FuckHoney From the Lips of an Angel

39.   Pale DivinePainted Windows Black
40.  Blood of the SunBurning on the Wings of Desire