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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spins of the Minute - 3/27/2013

Hey there, everybody.  Just wrapped on March's blitz of Blabbermouth reviews, so I anticipate getting more reviews planted over here in the upcoming week and thereafter.  As previously promised, be on the lookout for analysis of the new Centurion and The Beyond albums, plus As They Burn, Vanna, and whatever else there's time to knock out.

I want to thank my Beatallibanger commenters with whom I've cultivated some insightful dialogue offsite.  While many readers are going to both agree and disagree with my analysis of Beatallica's Abbey Load album, thus far, cooler heads have prevailed from the rebuking parties and I've enjoyed learning a few anecdotes that shed some light as to how I derived my opinions of the new album.  I have no choice but to stand on what I wrote based upon what has been presented, but I now believe that Beatallica were held in check by licensing mandates from issuing the album they perhaps wanted to release this time around.  If that's any attempt to be fair on my part, then hopefully it comes across that way.  Hesh, you Beatallifreaks! 


Depeche Mode - Delta Machine
Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell
Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys
Puscifer - Donkey Punch the Night EP
Puscifer - V is for Vagina
Clutch - Earth Rocker
ZZ Top - El Loco
H.I.M. - XX:  Two Decades of Love Metal
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping
Nader Sadek - Living Flesh
Beatallica - Abbey Load
Ruins - No Place of Pity
Focus - Focus X
Baptists - Bushcraft
Cold Steel - America Idle EP
Man Made Sun - More Devil Than a God EP
New Order - Technique
New Order - Substance


Bonnie and Clyde
X-Men Origins:  Wolverine


Don't Stop Believin' :  The Untold Story of Journey - Neil Daniels


cjk_44 said...


Clutch – Earth Rocker
Kvelertak – Meir
Intronaut – Habitual Levitations
Blut Aus Nord – 777: Cosmosophy
Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing
Steven Wilson – Insurgentes
Paradise Lost – In Requiem
Clutch – random (from entire catalog)
Opeth – random (from entire catalog)
Van Halen – random (from entire DLR catalog)
Queen – random (from entire catalog)
Rush – random (from entire catalog)


Amorphis – Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes

always have a spot for Journey in my listening experiences. i'll have to check out Neil Daniels' book.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Good ol' Amorphis. I can see myself gnawing on cheesesteaks at Talk of the Town in Philly years back prepping for an interview with them while waiting to interview Crisis that night when they opened for Soulfly. I'll tell you the rest of that story in private sometime, but my second interview with Amorphis later down the road had a much cooler outcome.

cjk_44 said...

i interviewed Amorphis in Philly, too. on the Tuonela tour.

i've got a great story from that interview.

i ate dinner with a friend that evening - it wasn't cheesesteaks, though.