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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gail Simone's Batgirl is Well Up to the Hype

I don't give too many plugs for things outside of music, but this one's compelled me. 

Comic books are just too freaking expensive, that's a fact.  The superhero renaissance in cinema has kept a mainstream interest in them when they were nearly extinct a decade ago.  As a one-time diehard collector of comics, I've passed on the passion to my son and after taking him to a comic shop where I once worked a lifetime ago, I was happy to trip over Gail Simone's Batgirl resurrection under DC's New 52 revamp line. 

I've always felt DC has squandered the Barbara Gordon character since she was violated and paralyzed by Joker many crises ago in 1988 via Alan Moore's vivid and disturbing The Killing Joke.  As Oracle, Babs has served as a dark horse character giving hope to our disabled citizens that there's life after debilitation, but that was so long ago and frankly, Oracle's long served her purpose.  She needed to be set free.

In the hands of Gail Simone (also the writer of Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Deadpool and others including a current co-writing stint on The Fury of Firestorm), Babs is back under the cowl operating under New 52 rules and Simone's knife-edged narration and chewy insight has made me a believer.  Batgirl rules.

By all means, check it out...

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